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Venuelust {ven-yooluhst} -- A strong innate desire for off the beaten path spaces for celebrations + getaways + experiences.


Venuelust is a digital media company and luxury travel magazine that specializes in marketing “Off the beaten path” luxury venues for celebrations, getaways and experiences. Venuelust offers a wide-range of online resources, marketing, as well as tools to showcase unique venues around the world. Our mission is to not only bring select venues to our adventurous clientele but to help connect them to experiences that allow them to be immersed in the culture and essence of each destination.

Our Venuelust members are hand selected and pre-approved venues that fit the “Off the beaten path” profile. Our network of venues includes only the best of the best venues around the world that are available for events, weddings, group travel, honeymoons and adventure.

We connect our venue partners with guests who are looking for once in a lifetime experiences.

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