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About us

Storytellers. Innovators. Award-winning caterers.

Neuman’s Kitchen is known for transforming ideas into an unforgettable culinary experiences.

Our event producers will guide you through a flawless planning process, highlighting the small important details along the way. Let us create an event that is unmistakably you – stunning, creative and unique.


How to choose the right caterer?

Selecting your caterer is extremely personal – it is more than just liking their food. Caterers must be able to understand what makes the client tick and help them sort through the myriad of decisions to get to the core of what they’re looking for. Great caterers combine their planning skills with a pinch of psychology, a dash of humility and a large serving of humor and compassion.

How do tastings work and how is payment handled?

Once a menu is selected, a date for the tasting is arranged. Depending on how far in advance from the event date and how seasonal the menu selections, the tasting menu may match or deviate from the actual menu. We see the tastings helping the client determine the style and feel for their wedding. Whenever possible we provide the actual food that will be served, but not always. Most caterers charge for the tasting and deduct the cost of the tasting from the invoice when the client books.

What is the server to guest ratio?

The ratio varies with the type of service. We have heard of ratios as close as 2:1 (1 server for every 2 guests) but ratios of 6:1 or 10:1 are more common for plated service. This does not include beverage servers, bartenders, stations attendants or kitchen staff.