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California Event Locations

California has America's most diverse menu of event venues and vacation estates. From secluded retreats on the Central Coast and classic vineyards in Napa Valley to urban estates that are perfect for stylish large-scale celebrations, the Golden State has venues for every type of celebration and event. California's top event venues and boutique resorts can bring a sense of style to your holiday or your special celebration. This is one of the world's top regions for design and cutting-edge architecture. From San Diego to Los Angeles to the Bay Area, you will find venues that bring a special sense of style and a tangible atmosphere that similar venues in other parts of the world cannot hope to match. Whether the design of your chosen California events venue is classic or modern (or some mixture of the two), there are other attractive attributes that are worth mentioning as well. The surroundings always play an important role in events hosted at California's estates. The hilly vineyards of Napa, the views of the water from private estates in the San Diego area, and the stunning shoreline of the Central Coast create amazing backdrops that can really add another dimension to your special event.