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Florida Event Locations

Florida is a one of America's most popular states when it comes to tourism. People flock to Florida's hotels and resorts each winter to escape the cold weather at home. What few of these visitors know is that there are also many unique venues here that are totally unlike the theme park hotels and beachside resorts that people usually associate with the state. From horse ranches that are located in the lush inland regions to beachside venues and villas that are far from the Spring Break havens and crowded sands of popular tourist destinations, Florida really has some amazing hidden gems. These venues make it possible to discover a new side of this popular state. Vacation and event venues in Florida can serve as the setting for a honeymoon, a group holiday or even a corporate retreat or incentive vacation for high performing executives. Winter weather isn't a problem here in the Sunshine State, so destination weddings are certainly a possibility as well. Whether you need a place to stay yourself or you want to find the best vacation venues for your guests, we have some amazing Florida estates that can put you in close proximity to the state's least crowded beaches and charming towns that are not on the tourist radar.