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Napa is located about 50 miles from the city of San Francisco.  It sits at the end of the famous Napa Valley, one of California's best known grape-growing and wine-making areas.  Napa and its environs are also known for their lush, natural scenery.  The valley is covered with meadows and forests that provide a great backdrop for any type of special celebration. The venues that host events in Napa all put a premium on style and classic ambiance.  Of course, the world-class wines produced by the valley's wine makers can be a major part of any celebration that takes place in Napa. Its location, only an hour away from the Bay Area metropolis of San Francisco by car, makes Napa a convenient choice for hosting a destination wedding or a corporate event. Some estates in the area can also be rented out by vacationers.  Napa wineries offer frequent tastings and tour companies provide special tours, undertaken by car, bike, horse, or even train.  These options gives wine-lovers staying at a Napa event venue plenty to do.