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Though it usually has the image of a desert state, New Mexico has a diverse range of landscapes: deserts, mountains, lavender flower fields, lush riverbanks.... It also has a deep sense of culture. Much of what people consider Southwestern culture originated and still thrives in this state, which is so aptly nicknamed the Land of Enchantment. Quality event venues and spaces in New Mexico are able to tap into this "enchantment." These spaces provide  experiences that are unique to this state, but are hard to come by in every other part of the US. New Mexico's top wedding and event estates are down-to-earth and laid-back, but they have a sense of Southwestern style that makes them seem quite classy and sophisticated at the same time. These venues, some of which double as hotels or bed and breakfasts, also put a premium on quality. Whether it is making certain that a wedding reception has the right kind of furniture and decor or catering a meal using only ingredients that are available fresh and locally, New Mexico's most sought-after vendors and venues both strive to get it exactly right. Combined, all these qualities really make New Mexico an enchanting place to host everything from a wedding to a bridal shower to a simple vacation.