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Rhode Island Event Locations

Rhode Island might be America's smallest state, but it has a lot going for itself as a destination for a vacation or for hosting a special event. Rhode Island's location means that it is within driving distance of the East Coast's largest cities. Despite its legendarily small size, the state has a lot of different venue options, from seaside spots to inland vineyards that create great wines and also serve as gathering places. Both casual and formal events fit well in Rhode Island's best venues and spaces. Some host special celebrations of their own each summer. These include family-friendly concerts, food festivals and wine tastings. These very same Rhode Island event estates can also bring a lot elegance when that is what is called for. Options include a tented wedding reception in the middle of a vineyard or a formal dinner party surrounded by classic East Coast scenery and architecture. Of course, being small has its perks. If you host your wedding or other special event in Rhode Island, you will never be too far from the ocean. Even if you choose one of the inland vineyards, you and your guests will still be able to smell the sea breezes.