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San Diego is filled with amazing boutique hotels, stylish event venues and palatial estates that can host weddings, reunions and other celebrations. San Diego's event space menu is almost endless. You can host a wedding on the grounds of a Tuscan style estate, take a honeymoon dip in an infinity pool overlooking the Pacific or watch the heart of the city come to life at night from a terrace in a luxury villa. Style and luxury are important keywords for San Diego's best event venues and vacation spaces. No matter what you are celebrating, you will want an events venue that understands that you need everything to be special and out of the ordinary. San Diego's estates, whether boutique hotels, rental villas or palatial mansions, understand this and turn up the luxury, style and services so that each event hosted there can achieve its memory-making potential. The best venues also have beautiful outdoor spaces so that you can vacation or celebrate while enjoying the city's always-perfect weather.