Valle De Guadalupe

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Valle de Guadalupe is within driving distance of San Diego. The beautiful Mediterranean micro-climate in this Baja valley makes it ideal for growing wine grapes. The vineyards, wineries, boutique hotels and event estates here have a stylish yet down-to-earth feel. The Valle is a great place to get away for a weekend of wine tasting, eating artisan foods and enjoying local culture in a non-pretentious setting. If you are looking for a convenient place to kick off your honeymoon after a California wedding, this is certainly a viable option. The venues of Valle de Guadalupe are also available for special events. Whether you want to have your nuptials with vineyards in the background or host a corporate retreat in an utterly unique setting, Guadalupe is worth looking out. Because it is within driving distance of San Diego, you could easily pop down for the weekend on a "research trip" and experience all that the valley has to offer for yourself.