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Vermont Event Locations

Vermont is known as the Green Mountain State. Green is certainly the dominant color found in the landscapes here. The forests, mountains, lakes and small towns of this largely rural state provide an idyllic backdrop for vacations and special events. People from the urban US come here to escape the city and revel in nature for a few days (or longer). For those who find that forests and mountains give them a clear mind or a strong sense of romance, Vermont is as close to perfect as any other events destination in the world. Vermont is best known for its barn venues - traditional barns that have been renovated so that they can host events. These airy, open venues provide ample space and a blank canvas that designers and event planners love. They also offer unfiltered access to the surrounding scenery. Some even have large doors that can open so that the forests, meadows and mountains are always in the background of your special celebrations. Some Vermont estates have accommodations, so you can immerse yourself in the Green Mountain experience even more. These venues are ideal for a honeymoon, group trip or even a business retreat.