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Zanzibar Event Locations

Zanzibar is one of Africa's most enchanting destinations. Located off the coast of Tanzania, this exotic East African archipelago has a colorful history and beautiful landscapes. Classic dhows, cargo vessels that have been used for centuries, can still be seen sailing past the islands. The best Zanzibar resorts and hotels put guests in close proximity to pure white sand beaches, atmospheric villages and warm, clear waters. The culture of Zanzibar is a heady mix of African, Arab, European and Asian. The islands have long been a crossroads for traders, explorers and fortune-seekers. The best event venues and resorts on Zanzibar allow guests to experience the romantic atmosphere that comes from such a colorful and event-filled past and the mixture of cultures. The personality of some of Zanzibar's best vacation and event spaces reflects this history. You will find luxury on the islands, with some vacation estates offering things like private plunge pools, open-air rainfall showers and romantic villas hidden among lush gardens. This blend of comfort, five-star features and uniqueness makes Zanzibar an ideal place for any type of event or celebration. Even if you simply want to enjoy a romantic getaway or host a special event in one of the world's great paradises, Zanzibar is the perfect choice.