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As the proposal needs an answer, so do the wedding invites! What better way to ensure your guests to RSVP promptly than to send them an invite that not only has you excited to send out, but has them anxious to get back to ensure their spot on your BIG DAY!

Here are some great invites we have found that are not only unique, but can truly be tailored to showcase your taste and feel for this coming celebration. Whether you want classic florals, Kate Spade stripes, your favorite animal or intertwine your favorite hobby you enjoying doing as a couple...your options are unstoppable. I think the thing I have come to love most about this part of the planning and process, is the way couples truly bring out their style and "brand" if you will.

Whatever you do, don't be shy of showing you personality in this detail. Besides seeing the engagement photos, this is the first impression they will get of how wonderful your wedding will be.

Wedding Invite: Buckle


Photo Credit: Uncycled Treasures

Wedding Invite: Rustic Elegance


Wedding Invite: Garden Stripes

invite 9

Photo Credit: J Bartyn

Wedding Invite: Fox


Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks

Wedding Invite: Tandem Bike


Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks

Wedding Invite: Antler


Photo Credit: Weddings Chicks

Wedding Invite: Chalkboard


Photo Credit: Printable Invitation Kits

Wedding Invite: Fly Away With Us


Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks

Wedding Invite: Mason Jar


Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks

Wedding Invite: Nautical


Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks

Your Turn....

What theme and/or vibe are you looking to share in you invites?