3 Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Destination Wedding Planning by Estate Weddings and Events

If the idea of a destination wedding thrills you to the very core, you probably need to have one.

Or do you?

Do you want to get married away from your home area, or does the idea of some vacation time just sound good to you? Are you really prepared for what goes into planning a destination wedding? Are your friends and family willing to make that type of commitment?

Sometimes we fall in love with an idea that's impractical for our budget or goals in the long run. For example, you may love the idea of getting married in a castle in Ireland but hate the fact that you'll have to wait months, even more than a year to have your wedding during a time when the weather is agreeable in that part of the world.

However, careful preparations are key to a destination wedding and, if done well, should allow you to have the destination wedding of your dreams with little worry!

So to make sure you're as prepared as possible before you slap down those deposits for your wedding date, we've listed three important questions you need to consider before you start all your destination wedding planning.

1. How long do you want to be engaged?

Though this doesn't seem like an unusual question to consider (all couples have to ask themselves this), figuring out the length of your engagement determines how quickly you'll have to plan and what season you'll have your wedding in.

For example, if you got engaged this summer but want to look at some winter wedding venues, you'll need to decide if you can finish all your destination wedding planning in only a few months, or if it's best for you to wait more than a year to get married.

You can either choose to set your engagement length right off the bat and work with the season that falls at the end of it, or you can choose your favorite season and deal with the length of your engagement accordingly. However, you may also want to consider your location into these factors, as well...

How long do you want to be engaged?

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2. Where in the world do you want to get married?

Sometimes as a couple your heart is simply set on a special location in the world. Maybe it's in Rome where you met, or maybe you've just always liked the idea of getting married at a Disney theme park for a fairy tale wedding.

If this is the case, you'll want to plan your engagement length and all your destination wedding planning around with your location in mind.

When you're looking at your location first, make sure you pay most attention to the weather during the time of year you're interested in. It won't matter much if you get married in the coolest lodge ever in Colorado if your guests can't even attend because of snow concerns.

Where in the world do you want to get married?

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3. Who do you actually want to show up?

This is absolutely necessary to ask yourselves if you're considering having a destination wedding instead of a home-based one.

"Normal" wedding locations are easier for guests to deal with and many times cheaper for them to attend. A destination wedding may mean that many friends and family can't attend, and will determine who you can ask to be your bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. If you're looking for a huge bash with friends and family, this may not be the right choice for you.

However, destination wedding planning can also be easier when you have less guests to worry about providing for. They're also a great choice for the couple who only wants their most loving, dedicated friends and family showing up for an intimate gathering and celebration.

Who do you actually want to show up?

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Your Turn...

Though there are of course many more questions you'll have to ask yourselves, these three will help get you started on figuring out when and where your destination wedding should be. Once you've got a clearer picture of your goals in mind, you can start some more detailed destination wedding planning!

What other destination wedding questions would you consider as important (maybe more) than the ones listed here?