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One of the best parts about working for Estate Weddings and Events is that I get to see gorgeous properties all over the country. I grew up in Southern California and had developed the common conviction that California truly is the best place in the world.

I really surprised myself when I decided to head East. I remember being asked by my sun-kissed surfing friends, "Why would you ever leave California?" I always resorted to laughing the question off but after having lived in upstate New York for almost three years now, I've fallen in love with the East.

So now I'm ready to combat that nagging question with a list of why East Coast properties are the country's best kept secrets!

1. The History

Let's face it, the West is the little brother of the East. The East was building colleges before the West was even a part of the United States! The East's rich history makes it absolutely unbeatable and you don't have to be a history buff to appreciate the authentic cobblestones, exposed brick, and mature willow trees that characterize East coast estates.

For example, one of my favorite properties is Cobble Close Farm located in Rumson County, New Jersey. The estate was constructed in the early 1900s from dismantled French and Belgium estates. Plus, the Strauss family (aka the former owners of Macy's department stores) have worked hard to preserve the estate and keep it beautiful as the years have gone by. The estate has withstood the test of time! I can't help but want to write my name in its long and illustrious history of events!




 2. The Weather

Usually the weather is something colleagues talk about when waiting for the elevator or maybe something you chit-chat about while checking out at the grocery store. However, when it comes to the East, it seems like the weather manages to pervade small-talk and dominate every conversation concerning the beloved right coast. Ignore the jabber and remember, the East is so much more than cold weather! Yes, it's cold sometimes, but the Fall foliage, glistening blankets of snow, fresh Spring days, and endless Summer nights make it all worth it!

Plus, there is nothing like Eastern towns. Take, Hewitt Hill Estate in Woodstock, Vermont for example. Woodstock, VT is an adorable town surrounded by untouched mountains and quaint little shops you can explore while strolling under the Fall foliage. Maybe it's because people have to stay inside for most of winter that they make their shops and restaurants so amazing. I remember on a road trip to visit my brother  at Dartmouth College, we stopped to dine in Woodstock, Vermont. I was blown away by the upscale dining options and the great farmers market-- who knew Woodstock, VT is a foodie's paradise?

Vermont Private Estates

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3. The Land

It's ironic how pioneers originally went West for land because it seems like that trend has been reversed these days! Most Eastern estates are situated on acres of manicured lawns and gorgeous rolling hills. All this land is ideal for hosting grand ceremonies and receptions. The abundant land also offers added seclusion and privacy. You won't have to worry about disturbing neighbors when your event is acres away from the nearest home.

Check out The Cape Cod House. Not only is it overlooking the Atlantic, it's also set in three park-like upland acres. In order to fully show how much land this estate sits on, we've had the photographer get an arial view!

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Your Turn...

While I'll always be a California girl, I think these East coast estates have stolen my heart! But don't worry sun goddesses and sun gods we'll be sure to make a list of why the West might be best, so stay posted!

In the meantime, feel free to join in our debate of East vs. West! Let us know what you think in the comments below...