Luxury rental estates

have some fabulous furnishings and attractive design elements:

palatial master bedrooms, dining rooms fit for royalty, and entertainment rooms that seem to belong in a large movie theater, not in a private residence.

All these features are undeniably impressive. But what is even more impressive is what is done in the outdoor areas of some of these estates.

After all, any builder can put head-turning features inside, but it takes true talent and vision to incorporate the best of the outdoor world into the properties overall design.

This is why some estate's patio areas and pool areas are so impressive.

They bring the best elements of nature and best views to the guests who  are staying at the estate.

Want an estate that can give you an incredible outdoor experience without making you sacrifice any luxury?

Here is where to look...

1. The Hilltop View Estate in Los Angeles, Ca

A famous property that sits on a secluded hill above the city.

The pool area and surrounding patio have hosted past Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner and Lucille Ball.

Hilltop is also a popular filming location and has appeared on an episode of the acclaimed cable series Mad Men.

Guests can lounge poolside and enjoy the classic patio while taking in panoramic views of the surrounding hills and the city below.

2. The Camelback House, in Phoenix, Arizona

Another estate that offers tremendous views.

The property's infinity pool literally seems to flow off the side of the Camelback Mountains.

Guests can take a dip and, at the same time, enjoy the panoramas of Phoenix and Scottsdale below them.

Or, they can enjoy a cool, dry Southwestern evening by lounging on the House's patio and enjoying the sight of the valley below lit up at night.

3. San Diego's Bali Garden Estate

This estate takes the concept of open air rooms to a whole new level.

The Bali's open air verandas are large enough that they can accommodate a party with up to 500 guests.

People can enjoy the cool breezes of the Pacific Coast while surrounded by a garden-like setting.

Another feature of this spacious patio area is the views.

This property sits on one of the highest points in San Diego, so it is possible to see the city from the open air patios and porches.

4. The Wind and Sea Estate in Big Sur, California

This estate does not rely on impressive design tricks for it outdoor areas.

Since it is located on the Central Coast of California, the scenery is amazing and picture-worthy.

Sure, guests could simply see the coast and the Pacific beyond from the building's windows, but the Wind and Sea makes it very easy to appreciate the beauty of the area from several great open air spaces.

Palace-like patios are not part of the estate's list of features, but a large fireplace sits on a rock outcropping, offering amazing views of the coast and the ocean.

An open air yoga studio is placed on a front deck space that overlooks the same coast.

These 4 properties prove that sometimes a patio, deck or veranda is the most impressive aspect of an estate.

Which one is your favorite?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below...