At some point

everyone dreams of a destination wedding.

Tying the knot in an idyllic setting seems like the perfect recipe for romance.

While it might be tough to convince some guests to take the trip, a destination wedding can also be very attractive for wedding attendees because they can combine their travels to your celebration with their annual vacation.

The reason that some wedding destinations are popular is obvious: they have amazing tropical traits or a romantic urban atmosphere.

While people might hold a small wedding or even elope to places like the Bahamas or Paris, there are other destinations that are equally attractive and perhaps even a little easier to get to.

Looking for the perfect place to host a destination wedding or to escape for a quiet ceremony with your significant other?

These 4 locations should be on the top of your list:

1. US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands have the best of both worlds.

The beaches of St. Croix, Satin John and Saint Thomas are as idyllic as any destination in the Caribbean.

At the same time, unlike many islands in this part of the world, a passport is not necessary for US citizens who want to visit the USVI.

This means that a last-minute elopement can take place on the Virgin Islands even if the couple does not have their passports.

Also, a destination wedding held on these islands won't require all the guests to have passports.

Aside from the logistical advantages, this is a wonderful place for a party.

The beaches, especially those on Saint John, are perfect and often uncrowded.

Villas and rental estates overlook the water and provide the perfect setting for a  tropical-themed ceremony and the ensuing reception.

2. Phoenix

Arizona is a popular destination for golfers and snowbirds.

The cities of Phoenix and Scottsdale are also classy destinations that have been drawing the world's elites for near a century.

This is the heart of the Southwest and a place with many high-end boutiques, world-class restaurants, PGA tour-worthy golf courses, and luxurious hotels and spas.

The Camelback District, which sits in the shadow of its namesake mountain, is the center of Southwestern stylishness.

A favorite haunt of past luminaries like Humphrey Bogart and a number of other stars and politicians, this district is ideal for those seeking a classic luxury experience for their special ceremony and reception.

Resorts cater to wedding parties, as do private villas and estates, many of which sit in the foothills and mountains overlooking Phoenix and Scottsdale.

3. New York City

The Big Apple is an exciting place to visit, whether you are getting married or just taking a brief vacation.

The amazing array of wedding and event venues make this the perfect choice for anyone who wants to combine the excitement and romance of America's biggest city with their wedding celebration.

Wedding venues can be found in every borough.

These range from small penthouse condos that can facilitate an intimate ceremony (or even act as a base for a luxurious honeymoon) to large historic event spaces that can host a reception for hundreds of people.

For larger destination weddings, guests can combine their wedding attendance with a vacation in one of the world's great cities.

4. San Diego

San Diego is not quite as famous as its northern neighbor, Los Angeles, but it does have some traits that make it an amazing place for a destination wedding.

The weather is almost ideal year-round, making it possible to have the typical “June” wedding experience at any time of year.

San Diego has a full array of rental estates and event spaces.

These range from modern, luxury penthouses perfect for small gatherings to huge spaces that can accommodate weddings of five hundred people.

Choosing a great estate in any one of these four destinations virtually guarantees you a memorable and romance-filled destination wedding.

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