4 Weeks in South Africa and Beyond, Honeymoon

Planning a trip anywhere, let alone your honeymoon, can be overwhelming as well as a whole lot of fun to. If you plan on heading out just after your wedding, a honeymoon planner may be something to consider. In our case, we did a whole lot of research and began to map out the best route to fit all of our needs. So what are we looking for? We wanted a good combination of relaxation, adventure, food and wine as well as a few days to just lay on the beach before heading home. The plan is to spend most of our time in South Africa while visiting a couple newer destinations. Although we still have a few more details to plan, this is officially on the agenda.

4 Weeks in South Africa and Beyond, Honeymoon


7 Nights in the Cape Town area

1 Night on the Blue Train from Cape Town to Pretoria

1 Night in Johannesburg

3 Nights in Kruger National Park

1 Night in Pilanesberg National Park

1 Night in Johannesburg

4 Nights in Zambia Safari Camps

4 Nights in Victoria Falls

1 Night in Johannesburg

4 Nights on a 2 private islands off Mozambique

4 Weeks in South Africa and Beyond, Honeymoon

Our itinerary was designed to share not only the most luxurious honeymoon locations, but also the most off the beaten path honeymoon destinations in South Africa and Beyond. Our South African Bucket list helped determined our itinerary in hopes of crossing them all off. Here they are...

Bucket List Items

* Visit Penguin Beach
* See the Big 5 on Safari- More specifically lots of baby giraffes
* Get up close and personal with baby tigers
* Swim with the Seals

* Hot Air Balloon over the bush
* Climb Lions Head
* Sit on the Edge of Victoria Falls
* Doha Safari in Mozambique

Food and Wine
* Sip on World Class wine in the Cape Winelands
* Go to a local market
* Eat authentic local Africa Cuisine
* Sip on tea at High Tea
* Eat the local Crayfish (more than once)

* Enjoy an African Massage
* Sleep in a romantic tented camp in the wild - glamping!
* Enjoy sundowners on a beachfront setting
* Stay on a private island


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Your Turn....

We want to hear from you, what are your favorite things to do in South Africa and beyond? Any must see sites, favorite restaurants, romantic hideaways, favorite venuelust?