Five Aspects To Look For in Your Vintage Wedding Venue

Once you have decided to have a vintage style wedding, you must begin dressing the idea with the most important pieces, from the dress to the menu to the setting. The vintage wedding venue in particular is extremely important for conveying the timeless theme.

The wedding venue must reflect your attention to the past, yet remain simple and classic at the same time. A vintage style wedding looks out of place in a bland rented hall. You have to select a venue that takes a cue from a certain time period or merely tells a story beyond your love story. The perfect vintage wedding venue evokes the old and combines it with new memories that you will make on your wedding day.

While you can begin your venue search by looking at certain types of properties, you can do yourself a favor by keeping these five aspects in mind that the perfect vintage wedding location will have. Seeking a setting with history, nature, grandeur, comfort and your own personal stamp will lead you to the right vintage wedding setting for your special day.

History --

St. Augustine - Historic Alcazar Hotel - Lightner Museum - Museum Lobby

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While the wedding day is all about the couple’s story, a vintage affair calls for a location that also has a story to tell. Nothing says vintage more than a setting with loads of history, the kind of place where the walls just might talk. Such a wedding venue adds something special and distinctive to your wedding day. It also creates an interest for guests as usually these spaces boast unusual art and architecture.

A wedding in a historic property sets your day a part from others. It is never confused for a rented hall or bland hotel conference space. From a historic estate, hotel or even an actual site where a notable event in the past took place, those looking to have a vintage wedding should always consider historic locations for their big day.

Nature --

Vintage Wedding Venues

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There is something about the past that exudes romance. There is no better setting than a natural one to give off this vintage, romantic feeling. When you begin the search for a vintage wedding venue, you will want to look for a place that incorporates the great outdoors. A natural setting proves that you don’t have to think too hard about a vintage wedding location. It can be as simple as selecting a property with an expensive lawn or lush garden space.

Gardens and lawns hop out of imaginations for Gatsby era parties and gatherings. A natural setting also affords you a blank canvas. You can paint it up as much as you like in order to create your era of vintage for your guests.

Grandeur --

Hilton Hotel Grand Ballroom

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Vintage weddings are special. That is not to say other themed weddings aren’t unique in their own right, but if you are having a vintage affair, you are combining various elements to make a truly special and different wedding. Every vintage wedding calls for a dash of grandeur. Your venue should reflect the idea that the wedding isn’t run of the mill or ordinary.

From grand and elegant estates to manor homes, most vintage weddings fit into these properties. Brides and grooms should think where Jay Gatsby might live or where Hollywood stars of the 1950s and 1960s liked to throw a shindig when they select a wedding venue for its grandeur. Even if your vintage wedding isn’t necessary ultra formal, it still needs that splendor to set it a part from standard events and gatherings. It is your wedding after all.

Comfort --

Vintage Wedding Locations

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A vintage wedding might be grand. It might exude history and a timeless appeal. It might even be era specific, calling for a blank canvas like a natural setting to convey the overall theme. However, above all, a vintage wedding must feel like home. The setting must be comfortable and reminiscent of the familiar.

Ranch and barn locations tend to convey a sense of home for a vintage wedding. They also work with a variety of wedding theme eras from a laid back 1970s bohemian affair to a 1920s gathering. Barns and ranches also tend to incorporate both the indoor and the outdoor spaces. Regardless of what type of setting you choose for your vintage wedding, it should feel like a taste of home with familiar and simple touches.

Outside The Box --

Vintage Wedding Spaces

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As a vintage wedding is a unique type of wedding, couples can truly think outside the box when it comes to their wedding venue. No two vintage weddings will look exactly the same. Couples need to put their own stamp on the wedding, including when it comes to the venue. This affords the couple the chance to select a space that isn’t your standard wedding venue.

For example, for a 1960s vintage style wedding, couples can consider a location like an art gallery for a mod look. If you are going for more of a 1930s wedding, you can find a manor home that could have been your home back in the past. Vintage weddings call for getting creative with every element from the dress to the décor. The setting in particular can be something unexpected.


Your Turn…

Did you have a vintage wedding or are you planning one? What aspects did you(or are you) look for when selecting your timeless venue? Share your ideas with us in the comments below...