A swimming pool

is only one feature of an estate, but it is often one of the most noticeable.

Every modern estate has state-of-the-art furnishings, plush bedrooms, and spacious gathering spaces.

But, not every one has a noteworthy pool.

It takes more than a standard suburban-backyard swimming hole to create a lasting impression.

At some estates, the swimming pool ends up being the center of attention, whether the designers originally meant it to be or not.

While many estates' pools are simple backyard affairs, others are truly unique and have a design that makes swimming or lounging by the pool a very memorable experience.

Check out these 5 Estates that have Amazing Swimming Pools...

1. Villa Verano

This Mediterranean-style villa in Santa Barbara, California has plenty of noteworthy features.

Its sunken gardens, amazing ocean views and terra-cotta roof earn it high marks for anyone who wants a unique estate experience.

The pool, which sits in an authentically designed Mediterranean courtyard, is one of the most outstanding features of Verano.

The keyhole shaped swimming area is surrounded by hanging greenery and potted trees.

The pool sits just off of the main living area, making it possible for guests to see the pool while sitting inside or step out for a brief dip any time that they want.

2. The Folly

Water is a central part of the design of this multi-building estate in Dana Point, California.

With fountains galore (some nearly swimming-pool-size themselves), The Folly has a very noticeable sense of grandeur, but one that is steeped in classic design and décor.

This understated luxury and “Secret Garden-like” atmosphere steal the show, but the estate's pool plays a prominent role as well.

Swimming here is a like swimming in a fairy tale.

The tree-fringed pool area has the same whimsical traits of the garden-filled grounds of the Folly.

3. Camelback House

This estate is perched on the sandstone cliffs of the Camelback Mountains in Scottsdale, Arizona.

This airy, modern house is full of amazing traits, but its patio and pool area is arguably the headliner of the entire property.

The pool seems to be perched directly on the edge of a cliff.

Swimmers can see the entire Valley of the Sun below.

Camelback is a perfect place to lounge poolside or take a dip at night, when the entire skyline of the Phoenix/Scottsdale area is lit up below.

During the height of summer, when outdoor temps are high, even at night, the pool might actually be the best place to enjoy the views.

4. Paradise Point at Kailua Bay

This estate on the island of Oahu is a favorite spot of celebrities, including US President Barack Obama, who has been known to stay here when he visits his childhood home.

Mostly used as a vacation home, Paradise Point is a huge complex.

One of its best features is its pavilion and an adjoining swimming pool that is shaped like the lagoons that are found all around the 50th state.

A large spa is also located nearby.

This almost-theme-park-like swimming spot is a definite highlight, especially for vacationing families.

5. Casa Majani

This estate sits on a section of secluded coastline about 40 miles outside of the Mexican vacation haven of Puerto Vallarta.

Aside from its amazing oceanfront views, luxurious services, décor and huge beachside pavilion, the pool is this estate's most noticeable feature.

It sits outside the master bedroom and overlooks the beach and seafront.

The pool's moon-like curves and room-side location make it hard to ignore.

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