Bridesmaid Dresses

After you've decided which wedding dress is perfect for you, the next step is deciding how your dearest lovely ladies will be adorned.

Classic soft colors are a no-miss, but if you dream of a unique wedding, try thinking outside of the box with these fresh ideas.

Here are some of our recommendations:


Sequined Bridesmaid Dresses

Photo, Jen and Chris Creed Photography

Everyone knows the bride is the most radiant woman at her wedding.

Why not complement that with a few other shining girls?

Wearing sequined dresses will literally brighten your bridesmaids by attracting light, sun, and surely some wandering eyes over in their directions.

They come out great in pictures and the best part is they are dance floor ready!


Floral Bridesmaid Dresses

Photo, Jeremy Lawson Photography

Floral dresses are perfect for vintage or rustic themed weddings.

They enhance the femininity of a dress while emanating a sweet aura.

Don't be afraid of your brides looking like grandmas or wallpaper in floral prints.

Plenty of modern styles, paired with a cute chick in heels, are absolutely rockin'!


Neon Bridesmaid Dresses

Photo, Jason Wu Spring 2012

Now here's a real eye-catcher.

If you're more on the wild side, neon dresses give a real (fashionable) kick to your wedding.

Bright colors are a lot of fun to wear and give ample opportunity to play with makeup and hair.

For the daring bride and the confident bridesmaids, we applaud you!

Peter Pan Collared Dresses

 Peter Pan Bridesmaid DressesBridesmaid Dresses Style: Peter Pan

There's a trend we've been noticing on the streets that we think should really transfer over to weddings- the peter pan collar.

A little quirky, nevertheless, we like the refined touch of the collar and high-necked dress style.

If you aren't a fan of the neckline, peter pan collar necklaces are an addition you could pair with a strapless dress for your own take.


Striped Bridesmaid Dresses

Photo, Brooke Images

In the past, striped dresses have been a brow-raiser for bridesmaids and women alike.

The trick is vertical stripes!

Like in everyday clothing, vertical stripes have slimming, lengthening effects.

Slightly nautical, this style would go well with beach weddings where atmospheres are relaxed and kissed by the fresh sand and sea.

Your Turn...

We love originality! How would you want your bridesmaids to look for your big day? Please share in the comments below...