Honeymoon Experience by Bon Traveler

Your honeymoon is all about time to take off to be on your own, to relax, and start the next chapter of your life together. There are so many options for your honeymoon, from where you go, to what you experience, which is what makes your honeymoon special as you get to choose exactly what the two of you want to do together. Whether you find yourself heading to the beaches of the Caribbean, exploring the streets of a foreign city, or hiking through the alps, there are definitely 5 must do experiences on your honeymoon to enhance your time together. These 5 experiences are designed to make your time more romantic and create memories that you will bring back home with you.

1. Take a hot air balloon ride.

This is where views come in, plus is there anything more romantic then watching the sun rise together from up in the sky?

Honeymoon Experience by Bon Traveler

2. Upgrade to a room with a view, a hot tub, or both.

I always tell people that this is a definite to do, make room in your budget to get the suite with an ocean view or hot tub. What better place to watch the sunset then from the privacy of your room?

Honeymoon Experience by Bon Traveler

3. Take a cooking class together.

When visiting a foreign country, one way to learn about the culture is cooking. Through a class you get to create dishes together and learn about the local customs.

Honeymoon Experience by Bon Traveler

4. Spa together, indulge together.

One of the best ways to start your honeymoon is to de-stress. Get a couples massage and spend your afternoon in the spa to start your trip together.

Honeymoon Experience by Bon Traveler

5. Do something scary, like swimming with stingrays and sharks.

Conquer a fear together, it is one of those moments that are great to do with your new spouse. One of my favorites is swimming with the sharks and stingrays in Bora Bora.

Honeymoon Experience by Bon Traveler

Your Turn...

What adventures are you looking to experience on your honeymoon?

Here are a list of venues + spaces that offer hot air balloon ride, hot tubs with views, cooking classes, spa experience as well as snorkeling adventures.