Stylish villas,

estates with well-manicured gardens, historic houses with great atmosphere;

there are plenty of worthwhile places to host a special event or embark on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

When you want an urban setting, however, few places can compare to a luxurious penthouse or spacious loft.

These places ooze style and exclusivity.

Amazing skyline views are just one reason why these types of venues are so attractive.

Most have luxury to spare and plenty of cutting-edge design and style as well.

Whether you are having a small ceremony, an intimate vacation or an important meeting, penthouses and lofts are often at the top of the urban event venue menu.

These five sky-high estates bring a new meaning to the category of “penthouse.”

The Manhattan Penthouse

This massive 8,000 square foot event space sits atop a classic building in the heart of the world's most famous borough.

A window-filled space, the Penthouse puts a premium on great skyline views and an airy, natural-light atmosphere.

Wood accents and stained glass decorations give a strong sense of timeless style to the Penthouse.

A full banquet and event space means that you can host an event with as many as 225 guests.

And this place is not tucked in some quiet neighborhood, it sits right on Fifth Avenue, within eyeshot of Times Square and Wall Street.

A lounge area, ballroom and dining space make it possible to host a variety of events, from weddings to corporate receptions, in this world-class penthouse.

Lofts at Prince

These lofts, located in the famous SoHo area of New York City, are as hip as any meeting and event space in New York City (and perhaps the entire US).

The Lofts are equipped to host a variety of events, from weddings and reunions, to conferences, seminars and dinner parties.

The rooms are airy and many are equipped with designer furnishings and modern décor styles.

The Lofts are, in short, the perfect example of SoHo's blend of high-end design and cutting-edge hipness.

The Sky Loft

The Sky Loft is located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.

The glamourous rooftop space can host hundreds of people, making it perfect for any type of event.

Meanwhile, the indoor penthouse area is perfect for more-intimate gatherings and also as a prep area for whatever festivities happen to be going on outside.

From performances to receptions to glamourous cocktail parties, this space can provide all the atmosphere that you could ever desire.

Best of all are the views from the Sky Loft's outdoor patio.

The skyline of one of the world's greatest cities is a great backdrop for any type of event.

Helix 360 Rotating Home

This unique house, perched atop Mount Helix in San Diego, is a true architectural masterpiece.

It rotates 360 degrees, offering views of all the surrounding landscapes.

These include panoramas of Downtown San Diego, La Jolla, the Pacific Ocean and beaches of San Diego, and the stark inland areas of Southern California.

This amazingly unique house can host up to 100 guests, though it cannot fully rotate with groups of more than 30.

State of the art furnishings and features (including computerized lighting and finger-print-controlled locks) make it perfect for any type of intimate event.

Marina 5 Penthouse

The Marina 5 Penthouse is another San Diego estate with amazing views and state of the art features.

This upper-floor venue is located in the city's stylish Little Italy neighborhood.

The penthouse's floor to ceiling windows mean that it is easy to enjoy the views of the surrounding skyline of Downtown San Diego.

The penthouse can be used for smaller ceremonies and cocktail parties; it can hold up to 50 guests.

The unique “indoor courtyard” and clean, modern design style add to the high-end ambiance of this unique and beautiful venue.

Any of these estates can provide amazing views and an abundance of luxury.

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