Glamping (glamorous + camping) is not just a buzzword anymore. Although it may sound like a contradiction, it is a trend that’s been taking the honeymooning industry by storm for several years, and it is now more popular than ever. Glamping allows you to experience nature without leaving behind all of the conveniences and luxuries of a hotel. Still not sure if glamping is for you? We’ve broken down the top five reasons why it might be the perfect honeymoon choice.

1. The destination possibilities are endless. Glamping venues are surprisingly widespread. This is because of the small ecological footprint glamping leaves behind. You don’t need a sprawling resort with major highway access to have an attractive venue. The diverse list of glamping destinations means you can find a place to go at any time of year. Of course there are places that are more appropriate during different seasons, but there are just as many snow-covered glamping destinations as there are sunny beaches. Whether you wish to stay in a treehouse, on a Montana ranch or in a bamboo bungalow on the coast of Belize, you will be able to find the perfect glamping spot for your honeymoon.

Ngala Tentend Camp South Africa Kruger National Park andbeyond

2. You don’t have to be outdoorsy to appreciate it. If you feel like experiencing the great outdoors without actually "roughing it," then glamping is the perfect option. You won't find any "roughness" at all. It truly is the best of both worlds. Glamping puts you right in the center of nature without requiring you to sacrifice all of the amenities that you would find at a five star resort. Resorts such as AndBeyond Ngala Tented Camp in South Africa specialize in glamping honeymoons. This venue will surely provide an unforgettable time for you and your partner.

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3. You can totally unplug. Yes, this is a major plus when it comes to choosing your honeymoon destination. This is not just any vacation; it’s a time to unwind and relax after the months of hustle and bustle that led up to the big day. You should be able to relish every moment without updating your status twice a day or worrying about missed phone calls and messages. A glamping destination such as Longitude 131 in Australia, which is free from WiFi, will give you complete relaxation with no interruptions whatsoever.

4. The cost is completely flexible depending on what kind of glamping experience you are looking for. You can choose from numerous packages and a never-ending list of options. Some of the options will include alfresco dining or catered meals in an open-air or secluded setting. A typical week-long honeymoon can cost well over $5000 after the flights, accommodations, dining and shopping. Depending on how glamorous you would like your honeymoon to be, most glamping destinations can accommodate most wishes for far less than the cost of a luxury hotel.

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5. You’re trying something different, exciting, and off the beaten path. As a soon-to-be newlyweds, I’m sure you’ve done your research on what the perfect honeymoon should be. After a while, though, the ideas and destinations start to all look the same. They seem just, well, ordinary. Glamping is anything but ordinary. If you choose this glamorous version of camping, you will find dozens of activities that you can do on your honeymoon that wouldn’t be available at most other honeymoon destinations. You can take a guided safari tour, enjoy a wilderness trek or even watch whales swim in the ocean from your balcony (depending on which glamping destination you choose). The point is that nature will be at your fingertips.

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