Table Mountain

The Ebola Scare

There is no Ebola in South Africa or most of Africa! No reason for us Americans to be scared to go. The fact is there is more Ebola in Europe and the US then there is in South Africa. The Ebola scare has caused a drop in tourism and therefore specials can be found just about everywhere. The other bonus is the crowds have died down so the safari camps are not at full capacity and when you are one of a few, you are more than likely going to get better service.

Penguins capetown beach

The Exchange Rate

The Rand is about 11 to the dollar right now so items like food and wine are extremely affordable.

Neighbourhoods market cape town

The Food

The culinary scene in South Africa is at its peak and and many creative chefs are opening amazingly 5 star restaurants in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and the Winelands. It is not just about Brai and Bunny Chow anymore.


The Rhino

Unfortunately, Rhino poaching is at its all time high and they are on the verge of extinction. Of 16 safari drives we went on, we didn't see a single Rhino. Many people we spoke to at other camps did see them, but its just a matter of time before these animals are gone. We definitely need to support the protection of these amazing creatures.

Photo Courtesy of Singita

Photo Courtesy of Singita

Affordable Luxury Safari Camps

Because tourism is down, we noticed quite a few special offers taking place at some of the most luxurious camps. Catering toward honeymooners, some were offering: book 4 nights and the “bride” is 50% off. Other camps are offering the 5th night free, free transportation between camps, a few night stay in Cape Town and much more.

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