5 Tips from Jessica & John's Wedding

What do Chewbacca, chili sauce, and MadLibs have in common?

Jessica and John's wedding, of course!

On June 15, the lovely couple wed in style at the Emma Estate.

In fact, their wedding was so hip and fun, we've made a list of the Top Five Tips Jessica and John's wedding taught the Estate Weddings and Events' team.

#1. Keep it light

After all, your wedding is a celebration! And while it ultimately could be a "party of two," your loved ones and friends will make your day absolutely unforgettable. Jessica and John set the friendly tone with their fun MadLib invitations, which allowed guests to show off their creativity and try their hand at comedy via their RSVP. Plus, the hilarious RSVPs became part of the decor during the event. Guests were able to mingle around the funny cards and giggle at the clever replies.

Wedding Tips: Keep it light

#2. Don't be afraid to show off your personality!

Your wife- or hubby-to-be fell in love with you because of your amazing and fun personality- so don't be afraid show it off at the wedding! Jessica and John showed off their fun-loving and quirky personalities by inviting their good friend Chewbacca to the ceremony.

Don't be afraid to show off your personality!

#3. Keep it short and sweet 

Sometimes we see couples splurge on dozens of food stations, instead, Jessica and John's wedding opted for the elaborate and seated dinner with minimal stations. Guests were able to get fueled up during the seated dinner and didn't spend the entire night fussing with little kabob sticks or miniature umbrellas. This candy bar was just perfect for satisfying everyone's sweet tooth!

Keep it short and sweet

#4. "No excuses, just dance!"

In order to prevent sore feet or cold shoulders, it's a great idea to include some "dancing shoes" or blankets, especially at an outdoor wedding. Jessica and John provided cute flip flops for the gals so sore feet couldn't get in the way of having a blast on the dance floor.

No excuses, just dance!

#5. Spice it up! 

The little "spices" are what will make weddings unforgettable. The wedding sported a creative spin on table cards by making them adorable chili sauce bottles, perfect for spicing up the coming meal!

Spice it up!

Thanks to Jessica and John's wedding we have learned some fabulous tips for creating a fun and lovely wedding.


|Florals: Moments in Bloom| Venue: Emma Estate| Coordination: Estate Weddings and Events|

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