Oftentimes, the hardest part of finding a wedding venue is finding a space that accurately reflects the personalities of both you and your partner. You want your guests to feel as though they’re in your space, rather than just a space. The smallest design touches can make the biggest difference when it comes to personalizing both your chosen venue and the overall aesthetic of your wedding. Today, we wanted to break down our five favorite ways to make sure your wedding screams you, you, YOU.

Wedding Watercolor Paintings

(1) Customized Paintings

Getting custom portraits done of you and your partner can be a fun way to personalize your wedding. Watercolor is all the rage in wedding decor these days, and we absolutely love the idea of having a funky, off-beat watercolor portrait of the two of you painted for use throughout your wedding suite (and for day-of decor). You can also get a watercolor of the venue itself. One of our all-time favorite vendors for this is an Etsy Shop called Wide Eyes Paper Co. You can get a lot of mileage out of portraits and venue paintings as well. Don’t just use them on the invitation and wedding suite; the possibilities are endless: personalized party favors, hashtag signs, ladies’ and men's’ restroom signs at the venue, etc....

Guestbook Guitar_2

Guestbook Guitar

Guestbook Typewriter

(2) Step up Your Guestbook Game

Wedding guestbooks used to merely be a book where guests could scribble their well-wishes. These days (and thanks to the invention of Pinterest), the guestbook game is on a whole new playing field. Pick an item--any item--that reflects you and your partner’s hobbies and interests, and have guests sign it. Our favorite ideas include a guitar or a surfboard. Or, do you remember that custom watercolor painting of your venue we mentioned? Why not blow it up into a large canvas for guests to sign? For a writer's or literature enthusiast’s wedding, we also love the idea of having guests use a vintage typewriter to leave a note.

Wedding Wood Engravings

(3) Engravings

With wood being such a popular trend (especially in the rustic-chic wedding aesthetic we’re seeing everywhere lately), custom engravings are a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding. You can go small: use wooden place-cards with your names, hashtag or wedding date engraved on one side; attach an engraved wooden square to party favors (like you would a tag); or use engraved wood belly-bands to add that swoon-worthy personal touch to your invitations. Or perhaps you want to think big: why not display a large custom-engraved wooden sign at the entrance to your wedding or as a photobooth backdrop? (An added bonus if you opt big: you can display the sign in your house later on as a great conversation piece.)

Family Photos Wedding

(4) Family Photos

Your venue should feel as tailored to you as your own home does. That’s why we love the idea of working family photos into the decor wherever you can. Think about a display table with generational wedding photos from both sides of the family, or display childhood photos of both the bride and groom for the ladies and men’s restroom signs. Include framed photos wherever you can--on dining tables, at the bar, or on the guestbook table. Having an intimate wedding? Why not use a photo of each of your guests as their place card?

Wedding Table Name

Wedding Table Name_2

Wedding Ring Bearer

(5) Work Your Hobbies into Decor

Another great way to personalize your venue is to work your hobbies, interests and passions into the decor wherever you can. Love the outdoors? Why not have your ring bearer walk your rings down on deer antlers? Love travelling? Name your tables after all of the places you’ve been together in lieu of traditional table numbers.

Your Turn

Do you have any other ideas for personalizing your wedding? Use the comments section to share them with us.