Corporate Event Venues

Everyone in your office may say they look forward to the company Christmas party or the sales banquet event each year, but there’s a good chance it’s not the venue they’re excited about. The out-of-the-office camaraderie, free dinner and drinks and an opportunity to celebrate your success are what make a corporate event fun.

I’m here to tell you that they can be even more fun.

Even more memorable.

And even more meaningful.

Here are 51 reasons to hold your next corporate event at a private estate:

1) Private estates are beautiful.

Say goodbye to the dimly lit banquet hall that hosted a bridge club convention the night before.

A private estate is beyond luxurious.

2) Employee appreciation.

Show your employees that you really do care about them and treat them to something luxurious.

3) Variety.

Depending where your business is located, you have a multitude of options — and could even rotate venues yearly.

4) More than just parties.

Most of these private estates offer great meeting spaces, making for the perfect corporate retreat or brainstorming session.

5) Create an entrepreneurial atmosphere.

A beautiful, private estate can bring you back to your startup days when the ideas were flowing nonstop.

6) Options for overnights.

If you’re holding a smaller, corporate retreat, feel free to have it for a few nights, as many private estates offer more than five bedrooms.

7) Woo potential clients.

Trying to land that next big contract?

What better way than to host a sales event at an exquisite estate?

8) Build relationships.

With such an intimate atmosphere, holding an event at a private estate is the perfect opportunity to truly meet your employees.

9) Maintaining relationships.

Maybe you already have a great relationship with your employees.

Upping the atmosphere of your annual corporate event can ensure that relationship remains strong.

10) Planning is easier.

Banquet halls have their event planning staffs, but private estates have event planning experts.

Expect the best of the best and less headaches.

11) Recruiting tool.

Landing the best possible employees can be difficult.

Let them know about your amazing corporate events and they may be more inclined to sign on.

12) Create a cool image.

Holding an event at a banquet hall is the safe choice.

Throwing a great event at a private estate is the cool choice.

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13) Potential media buzz.

Whether you operate a local company or a Fortune 500 company, throwing a classy party gets attention.

It doesn’t hurt your company if a newspaper article or blogger writes about how lavish your last corporate retreat was.

14) Your PR staff will thank you for the media buzz.

The goal of your public relations department is to put your company in a good light.

You can make their job easier by booking a private estate.

15) Attract special guests to make an appearance.

At most corporate retreats, you’ll invite a special guest speaker.

Hold that event at a lavish private estate and you could attract some high-profile speakers and guests.

16) Perfect excuse to get out of town.

We all need a break, so shake things up and travel to a state out of town, or even out of state.

17) Encourages families to attend.

Some corporate events encourage bringing significant others or family members, but after awhile, those people don’t really feel like coming.

Show them a photo of the new venue and they’ll change their mind.

18) Great opportunity to help your company’s charity.

If your company has a charity that it helps each year, you have a better chance of raising more money for it if it’s held at a nicer venue, such as a private estate.

A nicer atmosphere entices people to open their wallets a little wider.

19) Get outside.

Events at banquet halls can get stuffy.

Private estates offer the perfect setting for an outdoor event.

20) Don’t worry about parking.

Many private estates have plenty of solutions for getting your guests to the party and back to their homes or hotel rooms.

  21) Privacy.

Unlike banquet halls and hotels, your event will be the only event taking place that day and possibly the entire weekend as well.

22) California.

Mountains not your thing? How about the beach?

There are countless private estates in California that are absolutely stunning.

23) The World.

If you’ve decided to host your next corporate event at a private estate, the choice in location is yours.

And there’s plenty to choose from.

That’s the best part!

You can take an employee retreat in San Diego in the winter and take the executives to Miami in the spring.

24) Rejuvenated employees.

There’s nothing better than coming back to the office after an amazing event and all of the employees are completely re-energized and excited to get back to work.

25) Rejuvenated you.

If you’re planning a corporate event, there’s a good chance that you’re high up on the food chain in your company.

That’s a lot of work and it can be a lot of stress.

A beautiful and relaxing corporate event at a private estate could relieve that stress.

26) Return on investment.

A rejuvenated employee means stronger work ethic, which means a better return on investment in that employee.

Multiply that by your entire employee-base and experience some great results.

27) Experience true luxury.

Sometimes it’s important to just treat yourself to the best-of-the-best.

28) Better — and more — food options.

Banquet halls are often quite limited in what kind of food they can serve your guests.

Private estates offer many more options, from catered in food to a true gourmet meal by the estate’s chef.

29) Private pool.

Where was the last corporate event you attended that included a private pool?

Enough said.

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30) Take your employees on vacation without taking their vacation days.

Again, employees will thank you countless times for throwing such a great party.

31) More respect.

In return, your employees will have even more respect for you than they did before because they see that you value them.

32) Christmas and New Years.

Most employees just want to spend the holiday season with their friends and families.

A corporate event, like an end-of-the-year holiday party at a private estate is a great way to ring in the new year with your employees and their family members.

33) Unique chance to celebrate milestones.

Did you exceed your yearly sales quota?

Did an executive celebrate his 25th year in business?

Maybe it’s your business’ 10th anniversary.

Highlight those key milestones in luxury and style by holding your next event at a private estate.

34) Create travel incentives.

Play up the opportunity about throwing a great employee party at a luxurious estate, but require that employees perform such tasks or quotas to make it happen.

Your business gets what it needs and your employees are appropriately rewarded.

35) Opportunity for updated employee photos.

Hire a photographer to attend your corporate event at the private estate and you’ll receive great photos that you can post around the office, truly showing off the caliber of your company.

36) Social media opportunities.

Those photos are great fodder for your many social media accounts or your company’s blog.

The nicer the venue, the better the perception that public could have of your company.

37) Video opportunities.

Holding your event at a private estate can lure in great speakers, as mentioned earlier.

Take this opportunity to hire a video team to create a way to remember and reference those talks.

38) Recruitment video B-roll.

More companies are creating employee recruitment videos.

If any potential employees see the lavishness of your corporate event, they’ll be even more intrigued to work for you.

39) Stronger team building.

Every corporate event has some kind of ice breaker or team building exercise.

Imagine what you can do if you got out the old banquet hall and were on a lavish estate.

40) Casual or black tie.

Most corporate events at banquet halls are business professional because that fits the surroundings.

On a private estate, the dress code is up to you.

Keep it casual during the day, but go super fancy for dinner.

The choice is yours.

41) Availability.

While all venues can have availability issues, it’s almost safe to guarantee that banquet halls are quite busy during peak holidays.

That’s not always the case at private estates, mainly because many businesses don’t think about it as an option.

42) Social events are healthy.

The last thing you want a work party to feel like is,!

A more lavish and relaxed setting like a private estate throws that notion out the window.

43) Meet your real employees.

Let’s face it, an employee may be a completely different person outside of work.

They’re allowed to be.

By hosting a genuine event at a private estate, you open the door to really meeting your employees.

44) Give your employees a say in the event.

More times than often, the company end-of-year-party or employee retreat is planned quickly and without everyone’s participation.

If you decide to go the route of using a private estate, you can select a few options and have your employees vote.

This makes them feel like they had a say in the event.

You can’t really do that with a banquet hall.

45) You can get up and move around.

And not the kind of moving around like in a banquet hall when you’re squeezing through clusters of chairs and constantly going outside to get some fresh air.

A private estate offers all the room in the world, making the event much more comfortable.

46) Your company develops a new culture.

By booking a lavish, private estate, you’re actually creating a better, more-relaxed culture in the workplace.

Remember: A private estate offers a very entrepreneurial atmosphere.

47) Gift possibilities are endless.

Most corporate events at banquet halls may give all employees a company coffee cup if they’re lucky.

Hold your next corporate event at a private estate and you can give unique gifts that everyone will love.

Maybe a champagne glass to say cheers to the company and everyone’s hard work?

48) Perfect venue for that big announcement.

Maybe it’s a major acquisition or the announcement of a huge, company-wide bonus.

Whatever the announcement, it becomes even bigger when it’s made at a luxurious private estate.

49) Private estates offer state-of-the-art technology.

That’s important if you have many different types of presentations.

Watch a company video in the large living room, or project your PowerPoint in the beautiful conference room.

Regardless, your guests will be relaxed and ready to listen.

50) You can go big on music.

Real big.

The banquet hall you used to host your corporate events at nicely accommodated a jazz quartet.

If you hold it at a private estate, you can accommodate a 30-piece big band. It's time to go big or go home.

51) You’ve already read this entire list.

If you went through each of these points, you’re probably already convinced that it’s time to host your next corporate event at a private estate.

So go out and do it!

Are you ready to host your next corporate retreat at a private estate?

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