7 Must-Have Beauty Items To Help Avoid Meltdowns For Your Summer Wedding

A few weeks ago, I was a bridesmaid in the heat of a southern wedding. With a wedding set for later in the day in the Arkansas heat, I knew that most of my day would be spent taking photos in the middle of the hot sun.

Sure enough, with all of our hair perfectly pinned and makeup set in place, the wedding party headed outdoors to take photos in the sun. With sweltering humidity and a lack of organization, the bride and her maids lacked a few necessary items to keep the applied beauty in place, from the curls in our hair to the foundation on our faces.

If you have having a summer wedding, you don’t want to have a beauty meltdown for your balmy wedding. In particularly humid climates, you need to have a beauty emergency kit ready to go if the weather is unbearably hot. To ensure that your face stays in place with the heat and your hair doesn’t lose its curl, here are a few must have beauty items to help you beat the heat at your summer wedding.

An Umbrella

Summer Wedding Accessories: An Umbrella

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As we made our way out onto a balmy golf course to take photographs, the bride merely told the photographer to just hurry up. It was hot and I imagine she didn’t want to sit in the sun too long with a big dress. The heat can take its toll on your hair and skin if you don’t have a little bit of shade, even in those few moments in the sun. You shouldn’t just pack an umbrella for fear of rain but also to protect your bridal beauty routine from the sun when you do have to be in it.

Most summer weddings involve taking photographs during the middle of the day, when the heat is at its most unbearable. To prevent your makeup from sweating off or your hair from falling out, it is best to stay under an umbrella when you need to be outside. While not a beauty product by definition, the little bit of shade provided can help keep your wedding hair and makeup in place.

Oil Blotting Paper

Sweat and oil are bound to invade the bridal beauty routine at a summer wedding. The elements aren’t always kind to the face, especially when the photographer begins snapping away. To cut back on shine in your photographs and yet still keep your makeup in place, you will need oil blotting papers on hand to soak up any shine you might have on your face. If you try to make it through your summer wedding without this beauty item and use tissues instead, you might wipe off your makeup in the process and have another wedding emergency on your hands.

Face Primer


Hair and Makeup Must Haves for a Summer Wedding: Face Primer

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Whether you are having your makeup done by a professional or you are doing it yourself, you need to make certain that you have a good primer on your face before applying foundation. On those hot summer days, makeup has a tendency to melt off of the face, leaving you looking how you probably did when you woke up in the morning.

To keep things in place, a primer is always useful. A primer helps keep away excess oils and in turn allows the makeup to stay on the face longer. As most summer weddings take place over the course of a full day, you want your makeup to have the best chance of surviving the day by using a primer.

Hairspray and Bobby Pins

Outdoor Wedding Accessories: Hairspray and Bobby Pins

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As a bridesmaid, I was told to have my hair up for the wedding. Within a few moments in the sun, my hairdo was quickly falling out here and there. I wasn’t prepared for the toll the heat would take on my up-do. To avoid a lone curl falling out, you need to have both bobby pins and hairspray on hand for your summer wedding day.

When your up-do starts to unravel, a bobby pin will help keep things in place long enough for the photographs, the ceremony and reception. Hair spray will also maintain your curls as long as possible. However, if you hair doesn’t hold a curl and you are having most of your wedding events outside, it might be best to go with an up-do to keep your look lasting longer.

Waterproof Mascara

Hot Summer Wedding Must Haves: Waterproof Mascara

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I had packed a tiny mascara tube for the day of the wedding for emergencies. However, I failed to make certain that this travel-sized tube was waterproof mascara. If you try to use regular mascara at your summer wedding, the humidity and heat can often create an ashy look above your eyes and below the bottom lash line. While many brides use waterproof mascara for their wedding day to prevent black streaks when tears form, you also need waterproof mascara merely to hold up in the weather.

Setting Powder

Summer Wedding Beauty Tips: Setting Powder

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Even if you have blotting paper in your summer wedding beauty arsenal, you still need a pocket powder in your clutch or purse at all times. A quick touch up can reduce shine caused by humidity and sweat. Setting powder will help keep your makeup in place, similar to that of a primer except it should be the last thing you put on for your wedding day.

Anti-Frizz Spray or Sheets

Beauty Tips for your Summer Wedding: Anti-Frizz Spray or Sheets

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Once my hair was set for the summer wedding, I started to notice a frizz forming every time I went outside. Not being used to the Arkansas humidity, I knew that I was missing a key beauty item to prevent the frizz and frazzle that develops when hair meets humidity. In addition to hair spray, you need to have anti-frizz spray or sheets to smooth over those strands that can’t take the heat. Your hair will look more like it did when you left the salon the whole nightlong.

What are your must-have beauty items for your summer wedding?


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