Luxury Travel 20132012 brought us some hope.

The housing industry began to rebound, unemployment went down and there's more confidence in the economy.

All of these things are great for the luxury traveler.

It means new destinations, more exciting excursions and plenty of memories.

In fact, luxury travel is expected to pick up this year.

Here's what you can expect...

1) It's been too long.

Luxury travel will pick up this year because we've essentially been stuck in this recession since late 2007.

Since then, many people stopped traveling — really, just spending money.

Times were tough, but now it's time.

It's time to enjoy life.

It's time to enjoy travel.

It's time to visit the world's most sought-after destinations.

It's time to bring generations of family together.

It's time to bring your pet along.

Bad economies come in cycles, and we're rolling out of this one.

It's time to really travel.

2) Authenticity

Best Luxury Travel Destinations in 2013

Luxury travel will pick up this year because those affluent travelers have already done France.

They've done every exotic island.

They want a real experience on their vacation.

They want the cooking class with a local family in Myanmar.

They want to sip wine with Romans.

They want great grandma and the newly born great grandchild to smile for a photo in a Napa villa.

Because there are so many of these authentic vacations out there, luxury travel will flourish.

3) There's so much to share

Luxury travel will pick up this year because travelers need more than a suitcase filled with clothes and some sunscreen.

They also need their technology.

According to the Cox & Kings trends report, more people will be vacationing, while glued to their smartphone — but in a good way.

There will be plenty of photos and videos to share.

Plenty of stories to blog about.

And countless Instagram photos.

Hashtag? #LuxuryTravel

4) Top travel destinations are calling your name

Top Travel Destinations in the World

Luxury travel will pick up this year because there are some amazing destinations waiting for you to explore.

Places like Southern India and Sri Lanka.

Places like Nepal and Bhutan.

Even places like Colombia and Botswana.

These are unexpected places, but places that have the potential to be the vacation of a lifetime.

5) We're spending more money

Luxury travel will pick up this year because we have more money to spend.

More than 92 percent of Travel Leaders Group agents who surveyed clients found out that they will spend the same or more on travel in 2013.

While that's up only 2 percent, it's still up!

With the recession behind us, the luxury traveler has more confidence in spending a little extra.

6) Cruises are still amazing

Luxury Cruise Travel

And they're a great deal in today's market.

Luxury travel will pick up this year because of these fancy ships.

Cruises to the Caribbean and the Mediterranean are most popular, but river cruises are also a top choice of travelers.

Why the river cruise?

It's more than just luxury.

It's also history and culture, small towns and unique restaurants.

The cruise — either on ocean or on river — is a driving force behind luxury travel.

7) Because travel is life.

Working the 4o-hour work week grind isn't what defines us.

We're defined by the experiences on our vacations with the ones we love.

We're defined by the first time our baby touches sand.

We're defined by the marriage proposal with the perfect sunset in the background.

We're defined by the moment our family watches an elephant while on safari.

Travel is our opportunity to unwind.

To relax.

To be ourselves.

Why will luxury travel pick up this year?

Because 2013 is going to be an incredible year.

Have a wonderful holiday season and an amazing New Year!

Do you have any Luxury Travel Plans for the New Year?