If you are hosting a special event such as a wedding, a corporate event or a destination event, it is host etiquette to provide your guests with a welcome gift!

Here is a list of the Top 7 Ways to Create the Perfect Welcome Bag for your guests:

Lets dive right in...

1. Choose the Packaging

Choosing the packaging is fairly simple.

You may choose anything from an embroidered canvas bag, basket, box, etc.

Anything that can hold all your gifts.

2. Local Goodies

For destination weddings or events, it's always nice to fill the gift bag with local goodies, just to give your guests a taste of your destination!

3. Souvenirs

Souvenirs are the perfect way to help remind your guests what a wonderful time they had at your event!

4. Survival Supplies

A thoughtful gesture is supplying your guests with necessities they may have forgotten.

5. Small Gifts for Adults (and those with children)

Adding a little bit of fun to every bag is important too.

For both children and adults.

Everyone likes to play games and what better way to bond your guests.

6. Weekend Agenda

When you invite  your guest to a location that they may be unfamiliar with it's polite and helpful to add some local maps of the area.

As a nice bonus, create an agenda for your guests of places they should check out before the end of the weekend!

7. Add a Personal Touch

Adding anything that relates to the couple's personality is a great way to add a personal touch.

Special labels on water, thank you notes, or some funny inside joke that only your guests would understand are great final touches to your gift bag.

TIP 1:

Base your welcome bag on the theme of the event, location of the event, or something related to the host's personality.

TIP 2:

Try and avoid the generic gifts.

For further inspiration, here are some welcome bags/baskets theme ideas:

Your Turn...

What do you think...? Do you have any neat ideas to add to this list? Please share your creative Welcome Bag Ideas below...

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