7 Ways To Make Your Beach Wedding More Unique

If you have attended, participated or even flipped through a wedding magazine, beach weddings tend to look quite similar. The sand, sun and shells can blend together into a very standard, one-size-fits-all type of wedding.

However, most couples would rather paddle their own canoe when it comes to planning their wedding. If you want to make your beach wedding different and unique from the school of wedding fishes, you have to swim against the currents of the traditional beach wedding picture. To ensure your beach wedding doesn’t look like all of the others on the beach, we are sharing seven ways to make your special day in the sand more unique.

7 Ways To Make Your Beach Wedding More Unique

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1. Go Private

Public beach weddings are enticing. In general, you mostly require a permit and you can say, “I do,” with very little effort. However, a public beach is always going to look like a public beach. Most weddings on public beaches can look as though it isn’t really a special event taking place but rather a wedding taking place in the middle of someone’s summer vacation. A number of wedding venues make it possible to have a wedding away from prying eyes but still on the beach. Couples looking for a more secluded and unique setting can seek out properties with their own slice of private beach. If you want an unusual setting, you might have to work a little harder than those marrying on a public beach.

2. Elevate Your Setting

7 Ways To Make Your Beach Wedding More Unique

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A quick search of beach weddings and you will find most people marry literally on the beach. Beach weddings can often lack that dramatic elevation as they are flat and without much of a view. Couples wanting to dance against the tides can still have their seaside vows but in a much more dramatic location by elevating their nuptials from the beach. Rather than marrying on sands, you can marry on sea cliffs or hills with views of the water. Such a coastal setting still lends a beach view but with a more impressive perch for your guests to enjoy.

3. Arrive and Depart in Style

7 Ways To Make Your Beach Wedding More Unique

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Actress Amber Tamblyn certainly knew how to make her wedding more unique. She arrived to her nuptials by canoe. Brides having waterside affairs can mirror this grand entrance by arriving by boat to their wedding day.

If you want that traditional walk down the aisle, you can instead depart from your wedding by boat. While most newlyweds depart from their wedding receptions in standard cars, limos or vintage wheels, the couple seeking a unique exit that correlates with their beach wedding can hire a boat to sail away. Taking to the water, away from the crowds of your wedding, will also be a nice time to at last be alone and soak up your wedding location.

4. Make Them Blush

7 Ways To Make Your Beach Wedding More Unique

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Most brides select a traditional white wedding gown for their big day. Even with beach weddings, you will seldom see anything but a white wedding dress. However you might have trouble singling out the bride with bright white sands and a blinding sun also adorning the bride’s color. If you want to really stand out at your beach wedding, you can buck tradition and select a blush colored gown. Blush works well with the colors of the sea but also affords the bride more contrast on those white sands.

5. Select a Sea Object For Your Guestbook

7 Ways To Make Your Beach Wedding More Unique

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As is the case with most beach weddings, you will often be asked to sign your standard, pen and paper type guestbook. For a beach wedding, you have a bit more to work with in the guestbook department that your guests won’t necessarily think is out of place. Couples looking to stand out can use a sea-themed object as their guestbook. You can have guests leave their mark on something like an oar or paddle, boat helm or even a small boat you could place on a mantle or shelf in your home. Couples can even use little pieces of paper and a glass bottle as their sea object so that guests can leave their own messages in a bottle. By going with a sea object for your guestbook, you will have more of a unique reminder of your beach wedding day than a standard guestbook.

6. Think Natural Elegance Rather Than Kitschy Beach Wedding Theme

7 Ways To Make Your Beach Wedding More Unique

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One of the easiest ways to make your beach wedding like the rest of the pack is by selecting an overly kitschy beach wedding theme. Most beach weddings incorporate bright sunglasses, umbrellas, beach balls and sand castle pales. To step up your beach wedding and make it different, you want to focus more on a natural elegance theme. You should try to only used elements and colors that are naturally found in and around the beach such as driftwood as centerpieces, sand dollars as escort cards and deep blues and sandy peaches that correlate with the sea. Those beach wedding elements that aren’t naturally found on the beach can end up looking one-dimensional and identical from one beach wedding to the next.

7. Avoid The Resort Package

Most couples have a beach wedding merely because they want a seaside location. In the process, engaged pairs can get swept up with the sea wedding package. You shouldn’t get lazy when creating your beach wedding and restrict it to a set resort package. Most resorts offer a package deal for beach weddings. From the chairs your guests sit on to the florist you can use, everything is by the book. In the end, resort packaged beach weddings can all look the same, as if they were ordered from a catalogue. If you want to set your beach wedding apart, you are better off going with a more unique venue that doesn’t cater to the masses. Estates and villas perched along the coast allow couples to bring in their own elements, not those presented in a set list or package.

Your Turn…

 Did you have a beach wedding? How did you make your beach wedding day unique?

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