Eco Friendly Wedding Ideas
How you're going to get to and from your wedding is usually an afterthought, but all you eco conscious couples out there will realize that transportation is a big environmental issue.

Let's imagine that you've got 150 guests attending your big day. Most of them will be couples, some of them may be families, either way you'll likely have at least 50 cars rocking up to your do. Luckily that can all be avoided.

Here's how to make sure Mother Earth is as happy as you are on your big day...


A real earth conscious gentleman would hire a tricycle and cycle his bride right to the reception, but if he's not into arriving at the venue pouring with sweat then hire someone else to do the pedaling, whilst the pair of you canoodle in the back and digest the fact that you are now officially man and wife!

These rickshaws aren't just for Balinese holidays. They are a perfect eco friendly transportation option that look absolutely adorable and are sure to attract a lot of attention from your guests at the same time.

Rickshaw wedding

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If you love pedal power then why not embrace this on your big day? Apart from being one of the greenest possible ways to arrive at the venue, nothing could be more quirky, romantic, and fun than riding together on a tandem bike. It would make for fantastic photo opportunities, and would certainly be a  journey to remember.

If you’re worried about the practicalities of riding a bike in your wedding gear why not have them waiting for your arrival, all you'll need to do is a super quick outfit change and voila you're ready to go.

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If you've been clever enough to plan your wedding so that your ceremony site and reception are in close proximity then there really is no excuse not to stretch those legs and walk (unless it's raining of course!) This will give you some relaxing one on one time with your new hubby and space to breathe before diving back into the action at the reception.

Walking is proven to increase happiness so rather than get all flustered trying to bustle yourself and your beautiful dress into a boxy little gas guzzling vehicle, go green and walk instead.

Walking to Wedding

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Public Transport

I know what you're thinking but hear me out. Public transport might have a bad rep, and you're friends will probably think you have completely lost the plot when you tell them you're catching the train to your nuptials, but honestly it's not as bad as it seems and it will certainly make for some impressive wedding photos.

Aside from that, can you imagine how happy you are going to make the entire bus or train carriage when you step on board? Everyone will be beaming along with you making for one helluva positive atmosphere.

Public Transportation Wedding

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Private Bus

If the idea of taking public transport doesn't appeal, but you are serious about making your big day a super green one, hiring a bus to chauffeur everyone around for the day could be a fantastic idea. Tell your guests to leave their cars at home and wait for the bus to pick them up instead. Not only is this a genius eco friendly transport solution, it would also be great fun as you all get to have a pre wedding party en route to the location.

As if you weren't already sold on the idea, it also solves any parking or designated driver dilemmas that guests may be encountering.

Wedding bus

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Rowing Boat

Not everyone is lucky enough to even have the option of a rowing boat for their wedding day transportation, but if you are one of those couples who are planning on tying the knot lakeside or on the banks of a river then why not row, row, row gently down the stream to your reception.

It's peaceful, enchanting, super romantic and who knows maybe you'll run into a plethora of gorgeous white geese and be able to reenact the scene from one of the greatest love story of all time (don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about...)

Rowing on Wedding

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Hybrid Car

If some of the other options are a little bit ‘out there’ for your wedding plans and you have your heart set on a traditional themed wedding but with an eco friendly twist, then arriving in style in a luxurious hybrid car is the perfect option.

You will be able to roll up to the ceremony in your dream car, safe in the knowledge that your journey was kind to the environment, and once the ceremony has finished you will be able to ride off into the distance with the tin cans trailing from the back, just like you always dreamed of.

Sports car wedding

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Nobody wants an entourage of cars turning up to their wedding with more empty seats than full ones! Arrange a carpool wedding day and cut down on the environmental impact. Not only does it slash emissions and save on parking problems, it also encourages people to get a little more sociable with each other.

Just make sure you arrange it so that you're pooling with whoever is walking you down the aisle, this way you can be sure that they don’t get stuck in traffic and leave you waiting.

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Your Turn

What eco friendly transportation options are you considering for your wedding day?