Renting your estate can be a tricky proposition.

You'll probably have concerns about its safety and about the possibility of damages.

However, a good event staff can alleviate these concerns.

In fact, hosting events can be a great way to earn extra cash from your estate without having to sell or rent it out entirely.

Of course, you will want to optimize your property and your pitch so that you can host an array of events in a variety of settings. Want to get the most out of renting your estate out for special events? 

Here are nine ways that you can increase your estates potential in the eyes of would-be guests and event planners.

1. Indoor and outdoor event spaces

Many wedding and event planners will want to know if there is an indoor space that can hold events.

Many large estates have huge lawns and gardens.

If you plan on advertising your estate's best outdoor attributes, make sure that you have an indoor back-up or have an ongoing agreement with a tent company that can come in to erect tents if the guests' should opt for that route.

2. Multiple locations 

Find every possible event location on your property.

People like choices, especially when they are planning what they consider a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Give them multiple options for where to hold their wedding, reunion or other special event.

3. Have your own list of vendors

Some wedding or event planners will want to bring their preferred caterers and decorators, but if you have your own list; either in-house or on retainer, you can offer a more-complete list of services to potential renters.

4. Seating arrangement plans and capacity numbers

Inevitably, potential clients will want to know what your capacity is, especially for indoor events.

Making up a seating chart with possible table layouts and also having capacity numbers on hand can give the impression that you are an experienced event venue.

Also, this can help renters make the final decision by allowing them to visualize their event taking place at your estate.

5. Portfolio

Another way to help potential renters visualize their event taking place at your estate is to have a portfolio of past events.

Perhaps you can give a slight discount to wedding parties if the bride and groom agree to let you have some of their wedding pictures to use in the portfolio that you show potential renters.

The more visual representations you can put in front of would-be customers, the better your pitch will seem.

6. Consider every event's needs

You may have  great place for a ceremony and a reception on your estate, but what about the extras:

- a nice room where the bridal party can get ready

- plenty of restrooms

- a kitchen for caterers, and

- patios next to the event space for people who want some fresh air.

Consider every room that the event hosts may need and sell it as a complete package.

Of course, you'll still focus on the main spaces, but make sure that the smaller peripheral are still attractive.

7. Don't forget corporate events and filming

Most estates focus on weddings, family reunions and other special events.

Corporate events and filming are fantastic opportunities to consider.

Don't forget these types of events when you are planing your portfolio, pitch, and seating charts.

8. Overnight options

Some estate owners opt to turn their estate into a bed-and-breakfast-style inn rather than renting it out for events.

Another option is to offer to rent the whole estate out for overnight guests or to keep a couple of rooms for special guests or for a couple who wants to start their honeymoon on site.

9. Parking space 

This is one of the most practical aspects of estate rental, but also one that is easy to overlook.

You have a beautiful estate with all the traits of a great wedding and event space, but you won't be able to handle the 100 or so cars that guests will be needing to park.

A parking area, away from the event spaces, is an important feature of any event estate.

Having valet and shuttle services available for each event is a must.

This is just a start...please add to this list below in the comments.