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Camping on your honeymoon? Maybe you spent too much on your wedding and there was no money left over for your first trip as newlyweds. Maybe you are both outdoor enthusiasts and sitting around a campfire is your idea of a perfect vacation.

For most newlyweds, not only is a camping honeymoon not an option, it seems downright crazy to even suggest it. But surprisingly, sometimes a tent can prove to be the perfect place to turn up the honeymoon romance.

Let us explain.

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First of all, it should be noted that we are not going to be talking about standard tents and “singing around the campfire” experiences. When we refer to tents from now on, we are talking about tents that could put many hotel rooms to shame with their size, furnishings and amenities.  You shouldn’t be thinking about the kind of temporary sleeping space that you carry in a backpack, but rather of the kind of old fashion luxury tent that was popular during the heyday of the African safari vacation.

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Some people differentiate standard camping from this kind of luxury experience by tweaking the name a little bit. Instead of “camping,” staying in a luxury tented accommodation is called “glamping.” This is a mashup of “camping” and glamor.” In a minute, we will share some glamping examples with you and you will see that glamor is an apt word.

Glamping in the US

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First, though, there is a question that is begging to be answered. Even if it is different from regular camping, why is glamping an ideal choice for a honeymoon?

The great outdoors can be very romantic. Of course, mosquitoes and mud are not the ingredients of a perfect honeymoon, but seeing the stars without any light pollution, enjoying the sunsets and sunrises, breathing the fresh air, taking in the panoramic views of nature, feeling the excitement of seeing wildlife up close…. We could go on, but you probably get the picture. Honeymoons are supposed to be special, memorable and unique, and glamping can certainly deliver the specialness.

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Of course, vacations are also supposed to be relaxing and a little indulgent. You have to choose wisely so that your tented honeymoon has all the qualities that you need, rather than just a few of them.

So here are some glamping destinations that can turn up the romance and bring you in contact with the beauty of nature while also allowing you to pamper yourself just like you would if you were in a fancy hotel.

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Sitting on tens of thousands of acres, Montana's Paws Up Resort is an ideal choice for a stateside glamping honeymoon.  The resort's tented suites are huge, with most covering more than a thousand square feet. The tents are tucked into private sections of the ranch, so couples can enjoy privacy. Paws Up also has a spa and offers special honeymoon packages for couples.

On the other side of the world, glamping destinations like Bamurru Plains. Located inside the remote Kakadu National Park, Bamurru claims to offer something called "wild bush luxury." It certainly delivers a unique experience, with comfortable tented suites with mesh siding that keeps out the bugs, but not the breezes, scents or views. Better yet, each tent is located in a secluded spot, so honeymooners can enjoy complete privacy and feel like they are totally alone in the middle of the wilderness.

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Rajashtan, a state in northern India, is a haven for glamping. Here, among dense forests and colorful ancient cities, you will find a number of luxury safari camps. Two of the best are the Serai and JAWAI Leopard Camp. The Serai is the ultimate glamping destination. Featuring privte heated plunge pools and walled gardens, the tented suites bring to mind the caravans of India's historic kings. It oozes romance in every corner. JAWAI is filled with classic allure. Its canvas tents bring to mind the safari days of old. Here, you can live like a '30s movie celebrity or an Indian prince and princess.

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