Top Luxury Shopping DestinationsNot every vacation involves relaxing on the beach or at a spa.

Sometimes, you need to work a little.

And by work, we mean shop.

So for this year’s girl’s getaway, explore some of the world’s best luxury shopping destinations.

From France to California, you’re bound to break the bank, but look pretty doing so.

1) Champs Elysées: Paris, France

Best Shopping Destinations in the World

Paris isn’t called the city of love for nothing.

In fact, it might just be called that because everyone loves to shop there.

So if you’ve decided to take your luxury shopping vacation to France, a stop on the champs Elysées is a must.

Warning: You’re going to spend MUCH more than just a pretty penny.

It’s easy to drop a lot of cash here, with the likes of Cartier, Chanel, Chloe and Courréges headlining the luxurious sidewalks.

2) Bond Street: London, U.K.

Luxury Travel Destinations

Mayfair’s Bond Street is filled with chic boutiques and some of the greatest jewelry stores you’d expect to find in London, including Cartier, Harry Winston, Bulgari and Asprey.

Don’t worry gentlemen, there’s plenty of options for you, as well.

Looking for a custom-tailored British suit?

There are plenty of great men’s stores that carry the finest of Italian labels.

3) Fifth Avenue: New York, New York

Luxury Shopping Locations

It should come as no surprise that New York’s Fifth Avenue made this list.

The only other question is whether or not Madison Avenue made this luxurious list.

Ladies, you probably know more about Fifth Avenue than I do — I don’t follow Sex and the City— but I do know that you can spend the most amazing 5 minutes of your life staring at the window of Tiffany’s, as made famous by Audrey Hepburn.

While you can take care of all your jewelry and clothing needs here, you can also pick up something for the kids from FAO Schwartz.

4) Bloor Street: Toronto, Canada

Incredible Shopping Destinations

Walk what is known as the “Mink Mile,” a grouping of cosmopolitan shops on Toronto’s Bloor Street, and shop some of the finest department stores in the world.

Unlike most shopping destinations in the United States, Toronto’s Bloor Street is filled with plenty of internaitonal labels, such as Hermes, Prada and Gucci.

Enjoy ladies.

5) Mall of the Emirates: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Unique Shopping Destinations

Serious travelers understand that Dubai is filled with extravagant, luxury experiences.

News flash: Shopping here is amazing — especially at the Mall of the Emirates.

This mall is actually the largest mall outside of North America, with more than 470 stores, like Versace, Ferragamo and even Ralph Lauren.

If you’re looking for something a bit more cultural, don’t worry — you’re in luck.

Scattered throughout some of the hottest luxury brand stores are plenty of unique Arabic boutiques.

Hungry after a day of shopping?

You have 70 diverse restaurants to choose from before retreating to the 5-star Kempsinki Hotel attached to the mall for the night.

6) Central: Hong Kong, China

Exclusive Shopping Destinations

Hong Kong is a massive city, filled with plenty of luxury shopping areas.

Central is found at the center of Hong Kong’s business district and it’s filled with some pretty high-end boutiques.

All of these luxury shops aren’t just located off the street, however.

You need to enter in through a series of buildings called “Alexandra House,” “Chater House,” and “Prince’s Building.”

Inside, you’ll find your Prada, Paule Ka and Ascot Chang for some finely tailored Italian suits.

7) Grafton Street: Dublin, Ireland

Amazing Places to Shop

You’ll find more than just a good beer in Dublin.

There’s plenty of luxurious shopping options, too.

Sure Dublin isn’t as “luxurious” as places like Paris, but it has plenty of expensive shops, including the St. Stephens Green Shopping Centre, which includes shops like Motion Picture Ladies Fashion, Peter Mark and Hunt Jewelers.

On your way out, hit up a pub for some great, hardy food and a dark Irish stout to wash it down.

8) Grove Street: San Francisco, California

Shopping Destinations of the World

Grove Street (at the corner of Grove and Gough Street) you’ll find MAC — Modern Appealing Clothing — which is a high-end speciality store that includes some fine suits and plenty of modern duds.

The glam boutique is run by a family who only caters to high-end shoppers looking for the most unique designs.

That’s because the designs come from local and international artists that you can’t find anywhere else.

9) Orchard Road: Singapore

Exotic Shopping Destinations

If you can deal with the tourists, hipsters and massive crowds of shoppers, then head to Orchard Road.

Here in beautiful Singapore you’ll find all of the mainstream designers you can dream of, in addition to plenty of art galleries and unique international brands, including Diane von Furstenberg.

If you’re looking for Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Miu Miu, you’re in luck.

Orchard Road has it all.

10) Via Monte Napoleone: Milan, Italy

Top Places to Shop in the World

It should be mentioned that this list is written in no order, because you’d probably expect to see Italy closer to the top.

Don’t worry — all of these destinations are quite luxurious, including the world’s fashion capital.

The likes of Giorgio Armani, Mila Schon and Gianni Versace are found right on the tony Via Monte Napoleone.

You’ll have no trouble finding sexy Italian shoes, blouses and luxurious dresses.

11) Tretyakovsky Proezd: Moscow, Russia

Best Places to Shop in the World

Here’s a destination that maybe didn’t cross your mind:

Welcome to Moscow!

At first glance, this doesn’t look like a luxury shopping destination, but the most serious of shoppers understand what’s at stake here: showrooms of the finest of cars (think Bentley and Ferrari).

Need a new watch?

Here you can find the Swiss watch company Chopard, as well as Bulgari, Roberto Cavalli, Brioni and Gucci.

12) Rodeo Drive: Beverly Hills, California

Greatest Shopping Destinations in the World

Fans of 90s television — specifically 90210 — know all about the hippest and most luxurious shopping street in California.

Enjoy three city blocks of expensive shopping here.

You have your Hermes, Hugo Boss, Chanel and Etro.

Walk a little bit more and find your Michael Kors, David Yurman and Ferragamo.

Would you expect anything less from California?

13) Oxford Street: London, England

Luxury Shopping Experiences

In addition to Bond Street, London’s Oxford Street features more than 150 shops that stretches 1.5 miles, including all of the ultra-luxurious brands you’d expect.

Think Debenhams, John Lewis and Selfridges.

No trip — specifically a shopping trip — is complete to London without a stop on Oxford Street.

You won’t miss it.

And if you’re into entertainment, there’s always a good chance at spotting a celebrity.

 14) Avenue Montaigne: Paris, France

Famous Shopping Destinations

It comes as no surprise that there are two luxury shopping areas located in Paris.

I mean, Paris is home to the world’s most luxurious fashion show, so you’d expect the best of the best when it comes to shopping.

Find your Prada, Chanel and Versace — and all of its French goodness.

 15) Michigan Avenue: Chicago, Illinois

We’re closing out this luxurious shopping list with a stop to America’s Midwest and Chicago, Illinois.

There’s no better shopping location in Chicago better than that Magnificent Mile.

Here on Michigan Avenue, there are countless high-end stores, luxurious restaurants and if you travel during Christmas — expect some absolutely beautiful decorations.

You’ll be able to shop at your basic Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, but these department stores are absolutely beautiful and have more clothes, shoes and jewelry than you would ever expect.

Need a getaway?

Head to Chicago for an amazing weekend filled with unbelievable shopping.

Do you have a favorite?

Let us know in the comments below...