The search for a corporate holiday location or a wedding reception can be a long and hard process. Couples and companies seek spaces that will set their event apart.

Pienza Estate is one of those spaces, a little slice of Italy up in the clouds of El Dorado Hills in Northern California. With a luxurious comfort and an old world feel, Pienza Estate proves ideal for events, celebrations and regular parties.


Situated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Pienza Estate resides in El Dorado Hills, in between the San Francisco Bay area and the Lake Tahoe basin. Due to its in between location to the city and the mountains, the estate is appealing to companies and engaged couples as an event location as it is not too far away from civilization but just far enough. The estate itself perches on a peak in El Dorado Hills, lending a top of the world stance for guests.

El Dorado Hills boasts of being one of the most prestigious residential areas in northern California. It appreciates westward views of the Sacramento Valley and Folsom Lake. Its higher perches enjoy views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The city itself fills with shops, hotels, entertainment services and restaurants for those guests in from out of town for your event. There is also a wealth of outdoor pursuits available in the area due to Pienza Estate’s location in the hills. El Dorado County sits around 146 miles from San Francisco and around 60 miles from Lake Tahoe. The Sacramento Airport is around 57 miles from the county.


If you are planning a corporate party or a wedding, one of the first questions that you must ask of your prospective estate is how many people does it hold. The capacity gives you a sense of what you can do with the space and how many guests can attend. Pienza Estate lends enough space to accommodate up to 300 guests. Due to its size, you can have more intimate cocktail parties or invite the whole office for your corporate event up to 300 guests. The estate provides enough room to work with large and small spaces, without limiting clients on their guest list numbers. In total, Pienza Estate boasts two acres of land that can be customized to suit a client’s needs.

Tuscan Charm

Aside from location and capacity, if you are searching for an estate for a party, event or wedding reception, you need to appreciate its style. Pienza Estate, as its name suggests, exudes a Tuscan charm. Styled like a private villa in Tuscany, the estate features plenty of stonework and tiled details. The color scheme keeps Italy in mind with very warm and inviting hues, providing the ideal setting for a relaxed wedding or office party. Pienza Estate offers the sense of being amongst the vineyards and landscape of Tuscany even though you are realistically far from it. The landscaping of the estate also promotes a European effortlessness.

Recreational Fun

No longer are companies and businesses hosting their corporate events in traditional spaces such as restaurants and conference centers. More and more offices are seeking venues that offer a bit of fun and whimsy. Companies are on the hunt for spaces that will lend their employees and clients a little escape from outside world.

Pienza Estate isn’t your average no-nonsense estate.  The venue offers some recreational fun throughout its grounds. From a dart board on the main patio to a putting green built right into the main lawn or the large swimming pool out back, the estate comes fully equipped with recreational touches to set your event apart from the rest.

Wedding Ready

While Pienza Estate is suited for corporate holiday parties and events, it is perhaps most appealing for being wedding ready. The estate comes with a pergola overlooking the hills below, offering up a beautiful ceremony location to say “I Do”.

The main lawn is also suited for wedding receptions as guests can appreciate the views without feeling overcrowded. Couples can create a dramatic outdoor dining space, almost transporting guests to a reception under the Tuscan sun, or California sun in this case. The space comes well suited to host large family wedding reception while still maintaining an intimate feel.

The Views

If you are looking for a place to host your company’s holiday party or maybe even your wedding, you are bound to consider the perch of your venue. To create a dramatic event or reception, Pienza Estate comes built in with plenty of awe-inspiring views for guests to enjoy. Clients and guests can appreciate the up in the hills perch to the estate from a variety of locations on the grounds including the estate’s patio, the main lawn and even the patio pool. El Dorado Hills is known for its views, with elevations in town ranging from 200 feet to over 10,800 feet. It is no wonder the Pienza Estate comes packed with some extra height and the views to prove it.


As Pienza Estate’s up in the hills views would suggest, the venue lends the privacy most companies and soon to be married couples desire for their event. Guests can feel transported from the rest of the world and also comfortable at the same time. In the process, the venue isn’t too far removed from civilization, making it easy for employees or guests to reach for your shindig.

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