With theThe Academy Awards Party Ideas official list of nominees hitting the press this morning, there is certainly a lot to talk regarding the 2013 Academy Awards!

We all like to talk about which actors, films, or directors got snubbed, or which nominations came as a surprise!

Kathryn Bigelow wasn't nominated for Best Director of Zero Dark Thirty?

Ben Affleck wasn't nominated for Best Actor in Argo?

Half the fun is debating the nominations and predicting the winners.

The other half of the fun will be planning your Oscar party!

This February 24th, take your love of modern cinema to the next level and host an Oscar party fit for an A-List guest list!

With a modern or classic hollywood estate as the backdrop to your cinema extravaganza, gather your closest friends and prepare a toast for the 2013 Award winners with a glass of your favorite champagne.

Here are 8 ideas to get your party started...

1. Color Scheme

A color palette of black, white, and gold is a Hollywood classic.

Don't forget a red carpet (or doormat) to greet your guests.

2. Attire

Oscar night is one of the biggest nights in fashion, and your guests should dress up in event worthy gowns or tuxedos/suits.

Even better, wear a knock off dress that a famous celebrity has worn at a previous award night.

3. Games

Print copies of the official voting ballot and challenge your guests to see who can successfully guess the most winners.

Will Lincoln sweep up the award for Best Picture?

Will this be the year that Jennifer Lawrence will get the Oscar for Best Actress in her performance in Silver Linings Playbook?

Buy a novelty Oscar trophy to award the guest with the most correct answers!

Creative Oscar Party Ideas

4. Swag Bag

Create a swag bag just like the celebrities receive when they arrive.

Fill it with a past Best Picture DVD, a movie ticket, a movie star red lipstick/ bow tie, etc.

5. Fun Recipes

Bake some adorable Oscar shaped cookies!

For a similar cookie cutter in the photograph below click here.

For other movie award season recipes from Bakerella check out this list of ideas.

Fun Academy Award Party Ideas

6. Of Course...Popcorn is a must!

A night at the movies isn't complete without popcorn!

Create a popcorn bar where guests can select which topping they'd like on their freshly popped kernels!

Oscar Party Planning Tips

Twig and Thistle - Click for more printable ideas

7. Themed Menus

Movie themed food is always a hit.

This year, both Epicurious and All Recipes had nominee themed menus.

8. Creative Cocktails

Custom cocktails can be a big hit, and can be movie or actor themed.

Are you planning an Academy Awards party this year?

Tell us some of your ideas!