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As you are getting all the details taken care of for your wedding day, take into consideration the fun little accents that make people smile, yet also help give direction on such an important day!

Have you ever been to a wedding where you weren't sure exactly where to go? When it is an outdoor wedding, the challenge can be a bit more real. Here is a clever and cute way to make it clear as to where people are going and during what part of the celebration.

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Next we have the menu! As we have stated a few times, we are all foodies here at Estate Weddings and Events {Venuelust}, so knowing what deliciousness we get to taste is always nice to know up front.

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Not only is it nice to know what we we will be eating, but also what our beverage options are. Have fun while you're making these signs, whether they are on chalk, mirrors, wood, string art or even nail art. Let these creative details show the character of you and your soon-to-be.

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I always like a bit of a show stopper behind the newlyweds while they are sitting at the table, eating, drinking and taking in the vows they just committed to one another. This string art is a perfect example of not only making an announcement, yet also having a fun element that is a perfect photo opt.


Lastly, and very important...have a sign that tells everyone your unique hashtag that they can post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so you can find moments caught by all your friends and family. These are truly priceless.


Your Turn....

What are some signs that you are wanting to have at your wedding and/or reception?