Real-Life Fairy Tale Wedding: An Aladdin & Jasmine Disney Wedding

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You might appreciate some of the Disney princesses like Cinderella and Ariel, and you may even think some brides who used them as inspiration did a really good job.

But those "normal" princesses just aren't for you. Instead, you want something different, something vibrant and colorful. Something exotic.

It's because you really want an Aladdin and Jasmine-inspired Disney wedding.

You're in luck with this theme! It's basically a Moroccan or Indian-themed wedding, which have been done for hundreds of years and have a rich history you can draw even more inspiration from.

All you have to do use these as your basis, add some Disney-esque touches, and you're good to go.

So, to help you get started planning your Aladdin and Jasmine wedding, here's a list of ideas and images that are sure to take you to a whole new world on your wedding day:


One of the easiest ways to set the theme and tone of your wedding is through your invitations.

Because of this, find some invites full of color and/or gold tones that resemble the Arabic culture of Aladdin and Jasmine. You can even use swirly fonts and cut-out shapes to help create the trellis and geometric patterns popular in this culture. Add some jewels for accent and you've got yourself some legitimately "Agrabah"-style invites.

Disney Wedding Invitations

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Disney Wedding Invitation Ideas

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You can, of course, order your normal invitations printed on flat sheets of paper, or you can go even more realistic and send out your invitations on rolled-up scrolls complete with tassels!

(Yes, this scroll idea works for almost any fairy tale Disney wedding, but the tassel is a small addition that helps create the Middle Eastern vibe you're going for.)

Fairy Tale Wedding Invitations

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While you can certainly adorn yourself with some elaborate Jasmine-inspired earrings, necklace, and bracelet, consider where else you could decorate your body.

For example, an Aladdin and Jasmine-inspired wedding means you can do some really cool stuff on your hands. Middle Eastern culture is known in particular for henna tattoos, especially on the hands of brides before they get married.

Fairy Tale Wedding Ideas

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Aladdin & Jasmine Disney Wedding Ideas

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Alternatively, you can leave your hands as they are and focus on mimicking Jasmine's style and colors on your nails.

Aladdin & Jasmine Disney Wedding Tips

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Real-Life Fairy Tale Wedding Tips

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So the cool thing about a Disney wedding based on Aladdin and Jasmine is you have a ton of dress options.

You can stick with a white dress inspired by exotic styles, or you can wear a traditional Indian wedding dress full of color, beads, and patterns. You could also find your happy middle and wear a colored bridal gown, or wear one style for your wedding and the other for your reception.

Disney even made their own line of wedding gowns with Alfred Angelo, so you could specifically choose to wear one of their Jasmine ones!

Disney Wedding Dress Ideas

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Aladdin & Jasmine Disney Wedding Dresses

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Even if you like the idea of an indoor venue, there's one thing you should consider doing instead.

Consider having a tent wedding and using draperies. Lots and lots of draperies. And cushions.

Aladdin & Jasmine Disney Wedding Venues

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Aladdin & Jasmine Disney Wedding Venue Ideas

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The Middle East is famous for its luxurious Persian rugs and silky fabrics, so a tent wedding full of these items is a natural selection for your Aladdin and Jasmine-themed Disney wedding.

Alternatively, you can have an Indian-themed venue, and you host your reception outdoors in smaller, colorful tents.

Aladdin & Jasmine Disney Wedding Locations

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Flowers & Centerpieces

Using colorful flowers is one way to keep your Indian-style wedding cohesive, but don't forget the additional details.

The easiest way to give your wedding more Aladdin-style flair is to include lanterns, lamps, camels/elephant statues, and keyhole arches. You can easily use Moroccan lanterns as your main centerpieces, surrounded by flowers and candles, or you can choose to have flowers arranged in large genie lamps.

The keyhole arch motif is easy to integrate into your table decorations, too, because you can cut your menus, place cards, or table numbers in the shape of the arch as a finishing touch to the centerpieces.

Disney Wedding Flowers & Centerpieces

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Disney Wedding Flowers & Centerpiece Ideas

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Just one more thing you can choose to be elaborate on!

Some of the coolest wedding cakes for this Disney theme are solid colors with elaborate details. You can get your cake frosting made in any color you want, which is then tattooed all over with gorgeous henna patterns or gold accents.

Disney Wedding Cakes

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Disney Wedding Cake Ideas

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You could of course choose to pick a cake in the shape of an Arabian palace or even pillows. Or you could opt for cupcakes, cookies, or cake pops instead:

Real-Life Fairy Tale Wedding Cake Ideas

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Finishing Touches

For your final Disney wedding elements, make sure to add any details that you haven't included yet.

Make sure your guests have somewhere comfy to relax, complete with cushions for reclining and Moroccan tea glasses for drinking.

Real-Life Fairy Tale Wedding Planning

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Pay attention to all the "non-important" elements, too. This will really help you make it a night to remember. For example, get a card box decorated in your theme:

Aladdin & Jasmine Disney Wedding Planning

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A cute final touch? Leave the night by walking down a "magic carpet" to your getaway car!

Your Turn...

Any Disney wedding is going to be a blast to plan. But when you choose to go with an Aladdin and Jasmine-themed wedding, you're going to have way more color, extravagance, and luxury at your fingertips.

Because the style (Indian or Moroccan) is popular, too, it'll be easy to find much of what you're looking for even at your local craft store. Hopefully, this post gave you some good inspiration so you can go out there and start planning!

What is one thing you want to see at your Aladdin and Jasmine-inspired wedding?