Groomsmen Boutonniere Ideas

Alternative bouquets have become a common trend among the modern bride.

Not only are fresh flowers expensive but they also have a short life span.

From broaches to cotton these bouquets are not only beautiful but also one-of-a-kind.

Don’t let the term “alternative” scare you, I promise that these chic options will have you inspired to create other cost cutting crafts for your wedding.

Take a look at some of these alternatives...

Wedding Bouquets Made Out of Ribbon

These beautiful roses are actually made from thick strands of ribbon folded together to make a uniquerose design.

Check out this DIY tutorial  on how to make your own ribbon roses.

Wedding Bouquets Made Out of Wheat

 Above is a bouquet of dried rye forming a simple yet unique statement.

The pale tones of the rye blend well with any muted color scheme.

This bouquet would be a welcome addition to any country or barn wedding.

Wedding Bouquets Made Out of Cotton & Burlap

Groomsmen Boutonniere Ideas

This bouquet of natural cotton and magnolia foliage bound with burlap forms an elegant yet earthy feel.

Cotton pod boutonnieres bound with twine form a perfect accompaniment to this unique bouquet.

Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Bloomsberry Floral created this one-of-a-kind bouquet from antique broaches.

If your watching your budget Fancy Pants Weddings features a great tutorial on how to create your own broach bouquet.

Wedding Bouquet Trends

Last but certainly not least, is the elegant pearl bouquet.

This cluster of pearls bound by satin white ribbon, creates and elegant and sophisticated look guaranteed to fit almost any wedding decor.

Your Turn...

Do you have an idea for a unique bouquet? Post your idea or photo below!

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