September is the first month of autumn for much of the United States.

The weather is still warm enough for outdoor events and festivities, but the falling leaves and cooler breezes also mean that this month's fests have a different flavor and feel.

This month's highlights include a series of high profile film festivals, major culture events, and celebrations that take place in conjunction with Labor Day weekend.

In the warm weather regions of the country, outdoor events continue as usual, with some of the most colorful celebrations in the Americas taking place during September.

Here are the headlining events for the 9th month of the year...

Music Festivals

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September is a busy month on the music calendar.

Sure, the mammoth two-hundred-thousand-people festivals of summer are over, but there are plenty of autumn offerings for serious music fans.

One option is Global Festival, an annual event that is held in New York's Central Park.

This concert draws tens of thousands of people and is actually a charity event that is meant to bring the plight of poor people around the world to the attention of Americans.

Major acts like the Foo Fighters, K'naan, and Neil Young are on the gig list for 2012.

On the other end of the country, Seattle's Bumbershoot Music Festival is a weekend-long extravaganza that brings together numerous alternative acts from around the world.

And in the middle of America is the Telluride Blues and Brews festival, which features some of the most famous blues acts and classic rockers in the country.

Of course, some of Colorado's most famous micro-brews are also part of the festivities.

There are a variety of non-hotel accommodations in New York, Colorado or Seattle that are perfect for those who want to add some luxury to their sonic celebrations.

Many of these estates double as event spaces, so it is also possible to host a party or event for your fellow festival-goers.

Cinema Festivals

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Autumn is the most popular season for film festivals.

There are some hugely popular cinema celebrations taking place in September.

The headliner is the Toronto International Film Festival, a ten day long event that draws some of the world's most talented independent film makers.

TIFF, as it is known in the movie industry, is also a popular choice for major production companies looking for a high profile festival to premiere their newest films.

There is more media coverage of this event that of any other September big-screen festival.

There are some options for festival-goers who don't want to get stuck in overcrowded hotels while enjoying TIFF.

A number of estates in Ontario offer a quiet and luxurious alternative to the crowded hotel lobbies.

Though it is not quite as buzzed-about at its Toronto peer, the San Diego International Film Festival, a five day event that takes place at the end of the month, is certainly worth a look for both casual movie watchers and cinema fanatics alike.

The advantage of coming to San Diego is that there is a huge number of estates that can act as an alternative to a standard hotel room and can also be an ideal setting for hosting a film-festival-related soiree.

Cultural Festivals

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A number of cultural events take place in September, but there are certainly a couple of worthwhile standouts (though they are standouts for completely different reasons).

The famous (or is it infamous?) Burning Man Festival starts at the end of August and ends on Labor Day.

It is a week-long celebration of counterculture and the arts that is traditionally held in the Black Rock Desert of Northern Nevada.

A number of artists display their works (from floats to performance art to sculptures) in unusual artistic bonanza that ends when a large man, made of wood, is burned, giving the festival its unusual name.

Another cultural event in early September is the Aloha Festival, which celebrates traditional native culture on the islands of Hawaii.

This fest is characterized by visually exciting spectacles like a floral parade and hula dance performances.

The events, held all over Oahu and the Honolulu area, are easy to attend since this is low season and there are fewer tourists on the island.

Amazing estates like Paradise Point provide the perfect place to stay while you enjoy this celebration of Hawaii.

Where will you be celebrating this September?

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