amilla fushi baa atoll maldives arrival to amilla


Our adventure began at the Male airport where we were greeted by the Amilla Fushi team (Amilla Fushi is Dhivehi, which translates into “my island home”), who quickly took our luggage and escorted us straight to the lounge area located up top and told us they would take care of everything from there: checking in our luggage, and getting our boarding passes. All we had to do was sit back and relax; they had it all handled, which made it really nice and convenient. The Amilla team was dressed a bit differently than the other island staff attire that we had been accustomed to. Being from San Diego, CA, myself, they definitely had a Southern California / Miami Beach theme with their hip shirts, shorts and flip-flops. We instantly knew this was going to be a "different Maldivian island experience" than the rest and we were quite excited to see what was in store.

In the upper lounge area they have lots of couches to kick back and relax, and there is also a buffet, cheese/fruit display, and an assortment of drinks, which are all complimentary.

When it was time to board, two Amilla staff members fetched us from the lounge and guided us to the boarding area. The short 45-minute flight from Male to the Baa Atoll had some of the best views. As you look out the window all you could view were beautiful turquoise circles for as far as you could see, it was quite a site. Due to the short flight between islands, the plane flies relatively low so you get to witness quite a show our your window.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives plane view arriving to baa atoll

Upon arrival to the Baa Atoll we were greeted by our butler/host Mubarak, who assisted us with our bags and had us follow him to the shuttle, which took us to the speedboat. When we got on the boat we were handed nice cold towels to cool off and ice cold water, which was great being that it was a hot and humid day. The short boat ride to Amilla Fushi, (which is located in the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll, 1 of the 26 natural atolls in the Indian Ocean) was another great experience as you get to cruise by many other atolls along the way. The different shades of blues are just something you could never get tired of looking at.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives arrival

As we were nearing the island of Amilla, all you could see from a distance was the gorgeooues turquoise water, the white sandy beaches and the stunning modern white structures which had a much different look than the traditional bungalow style villas that one may be accustomed to seeing when viewing pictures of the Maldives. We were very excited, knowing that we were in for a completely different island experience(note: this was our 6th island we had visited in the Maldives).

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives arrival logo

As we arrived to the island, there were many happy, helpful and quite hip staff members there to greet us and had us come sit in the welcome lounge area, where they served us a delicious beverage right from a coconut as well as another cold herb infused towel(I love these cold towels and I miss them greatly).

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives welcome drinks

Quickly thereafter, Mubarak had our luggage aboard the golf cart and we were off.

Before making our way directly to our house or home for the next 3 days, Mubarak wanted to give us a little taste of the island and get us acclimated to where everything was. Immediately to the left of us as we drove down the pier was the beautiful infinity pool which had a gorgeous man-made beach setup in front of it with chaise lounge chairs and umbrellas.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives infitity pool beach view

Directly in back of the main pool area are a selection of 5 different restaurants, which make up the Baazaar or the “hub of the island.” This is a very cool concept and makes a lot of sense. Each restaurant has a unique style and theme in the hopes of covering all the culinary bases that a guest could possibly desire while in paradise. The restaurants ranged from the highly touted Fish and Chip restaurant,

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives fish chips restaurant

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives fish chips view

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives fish chip view looking out

Joe’s Pizza,

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives joes pizza restaurant baazaar


amilla fushi baa atoll maldives tapas restaurant


amilla fushi baa atoll maldives FRESH restaurant view inside


amilla fushi baa atoll maldives grill restaurant

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives GRILL restaurant view inside

& the Baazaar Bar.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives baazaar area

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives bazaar bar lounge area inside

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives baazaar bar lounge areas

There are lounge areas at each place, which makes for the perfect spot to enjoy an evening cocktail watching the sunset.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives baazaar bar lounge area outside

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives baazaar bar

They also have their signature restaurant located at the end of the pier overlooking the water called Lonu, by critically acclaimed and internationally renowned chef and restaurateur Luke Mangan.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives Lonu arrival view

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives Lonu-lounge

You will want to ask your host to make reservations for you if you would like to dine here, as it can get booked rather quickly.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives LONU BY LUKE MANGAN INDOOR

What takes the concept to the next level is the fact that when you sit down at any of the 5 restaurants or bar, the waiter will hand you an ipad mini, which is a collection of all the menus at each restaurant. This means you can order from any restaurant and it will be made and delivered to wherever you are sitting. How cool is that?

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives baazaar bar appetizers ipad menu

If you like a certain atmosphere better, but would rather have the food and menu from another restaurant, no problem, feel free to sit anywhere and order from any place. The ipad app makes it very easy to filter the results by restaurant, by food selection (i.e. light meal, grilled options, seafood, snacks, etc.) or if you are just looking for a beverage, they have an entire drink and beverage menu that will assist you to find exactly what you are looking for (i.e. craft cocktail, beer, wine, soft drink, you name it).

After checking out the Baazaar, Mubarak took us to the other side of the island

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives beach view

which is where the spa and fitness center are located.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives fitness center

As we were driving through they had a cool little swing set area,

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives swing set area

an outside movie theater,

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives movie theater

a kids club area,

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives KIDS CLUB view

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives KIDS CLUB

and many different sports areas, such as volley ball, and soccer. They also have a full salon where you can get a mani/pedi, get your hair done as well as all the other salon amenities that you could want.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives salon spa

Outside of the spa area they had a really cool lounge that wasn’t 100% completed yet.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives spa lounge areas

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives spa lounging area

Once completed this is where you will be able to order smoothies, a healthy spa type drink such as a green drink, shot of wheat grass, etc.

On our way back to the other side of the island, Mubarak pointed out the general store and the wine cellar.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives the general store emperor

The general store is such a great concept and makes a lot of sense since the island has many residences, which are actually houses, with full kitchens.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives the general store

So if you have a family, a big group or just want to have the option of staying in and making your own food, etc. the general store has everything you might want.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives emperor general store inside view

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives emperor general store view

As you walk from the general store to the wine cellar space, you pass through the library/reading and relaxing area.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives THE LIBRARY

The wine cellar is another terrific space, beautifully designed with the wine barrels on the one wall and gorgeous brickwork and decor throughout the area.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives wine cellar view

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives wine cellar barrels

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives wine cellar sitting area

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives wine cellar views

This would be a fantastic event space for a corporate dinner party or any larger group wanting an intimate private setting.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives wine cellar

Mubarak then showed us where the water sport facility was (located on the parallel pier as the welcome pier and signature restaurant) in case we wanted to go diving, or partake in any of the water activities that they offer. Lastly, he pointed out where the Amilla Fushi retail shop was located in case we wanted to purchase some gifts or souvenirs.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives FIHAARA RETAIL SHOP view

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives FIHAARA RETAIL SHOP

Mubarak also mentioned the many different residences of the island, which is another aspect that makes Amilla Fushi different than the rest. They have their lagoon, ocean and reef houses, which differ slightly in the interior layout, and you get a different view outside on your private patio.

We took a quick view of each besides the lagoon house, since that was our home.

The first house we checked out was the ocean lagoon house,

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives OCEAN LAGOON HOUSE

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives outdoor patio view ocean house

followed by the ocean reef house,

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives Ocean Reef House Bedroom

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives Ocean Reef House outside lounge

They also have various different beach houses and residences, which range from 1 to 6 bedrooms and come with full kitchens.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives Beach House Deck view

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives Beach House Deck

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives Beach-House-2BR

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives Residence Pool aerial

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives Residence Pool shot

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives Residence Pool view

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives Beach-House-Bath

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives 3BR Residence

Last but not least, they have tree houses, which are literally 12 meters off the ground,

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives tree house

and you are amongst the treetops.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives tree house view

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives Tree House Lounge area

So the island really has the perfect home for everyone whether you are looking for more of the traditional “bungalow villa” style residence (although you won’t catch anyone on the island referring to them like that – everything is referenced as a house or a residence which is what separates them from other islands which have villas and bungalows), a private beach house type setting or even living in a luxurious tree-house, they have it all!

Now it was time to continue on to our home, which happened to be one of the lagoon houses.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives lagoon house outside

Like I mentioned earlier, the lagoon house, ocean lagoon and reef house all look somewhat similar if not identical from the outside, however, it's the interior layout and decor as well as the view itself which is what separates these houses. All of them are amazing and there is great reason to want to try each one for a difference setting and experience.

Once Mubarak opened the doors we were blown away by the interior design….wow, every little detail was really thought out. Upon entering the house there is a nice little mini bar, which has a nespresso machine(endless supply of capsules I might add), a tea machine (all the tea you can consume...literally), snacks, beverages, it’s all there.

As you turn the corner there is a lovely welcome message on the bed

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives bedroom area

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives view from bedroom

along with champagne and a spread of fruit and snacks.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives welcome champagne spread

The décor is what I would call modern chic. It is very stylish. The glass doors slide completely open so it is a free flowing floor plan from the inside area to the outside private patio area. The patio is huge and comes will your very own infinity pool which is also quite large.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives lagoon house patio view

They have a ladder that leads directly into the lagoon if you wanted to go snorkeling right off your house, you can do that, and then they have an outdoor shower that you can use to rinse off.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives outdoor patio

You can definitely spend a lot of time relaxing on this gorgeous patio.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives outdoor patio area view

The living room area has a nice couch and flat screen to enjoy (I don’t think we even turned the TV on except to play music).

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives flatscreen tv and ipad

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives bedroom

The bathroom is another amazing space with fantastic interior design elements. I love the concrete walls and colorful tile floors….it really pops when you step inside. There are two sinks,

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives sinks

a separate area that has the bathtub that peers out onto the water;

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives bathtub

there is a separate entry for the shower and the toilet and yet, there is even more. When you open the door next to the toilet it goes out onto another outdoor shower area.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives outside shower

Yep, this is one huge and luxurious bathroom, all incredibly decorated. All of the bathroom amenities are Aesop, from Australia, of which I love and want for my home.

Mubarak completed the house tour by showing us our own personal in-room ipad where we can order room service, or look up pretty much anything there is to do on the island with a click of a button. Such a smart idea and very convenient and easy to use.

By the end of the tour our luggage had arrived and was delivered to our room. Mubarak had also asked if we were interested in snorkeling at all and had snorkel gear delivered to our room as well. It is always nice when resorts supply the guests with complimentary snorkel gear so that do not have to account for it in your luggage.

After we unpacked it was time for lunch and time to check out this baazaar. We decided to sit and enjoy our first meal at the Baazaar Bar itself… it caught our eye as the most appealing indoor/outdoor space at the moment to relax and grab lunch.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives baazaar bar view

The waiter came over and brought us each our own ipad and gave us a quick introduction on how it works. We both ordered the "build your own salad" and pretty much selected all the fresh veggies topped with smoked salmon….it was perfect!

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives smoked salmon veggie salad

After lunch we wanted to take a walk over to the general store, which is called Emperor. The store is a wide-open space with tables and chairs in the front and all the produce and goods are located in the back. The store is also a café where you can order a selection of sandwiches, salads, or any number of items on the menu. We met Ahmed, the store manager, who asked me if I like coffee and I told him I love coffee, especially a really good espresso. He claimed that they make a mean espresso so I had to try it and Ahmed was right on point, it wasn’t too bitter and packed a good punch.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives espresso

Like I mentioned previously, I really think having a general store on the islands is such a great addition. Especially for families or bigger groups who are staying for an extended period of time and would rather cook-in some nights as opposed to going out to eat for every meal. It is also great if you are just wanting a snack of some sort or if you enjoy a particular cereal in the morning, they probably have it and you can enjoy that in the privacy of your own room each morning. Amilla Fushi now being our 6th Maldivian island we have experienced, there have been many times on other islands in the past where I was craving just a little snack, but didn’t want to sit down and actually order something, I just wanted to go into a store and grab something to go. You can do just that at Amilla.

After the espresso we decided to head back and enjoy our awesome new room until it was time for the wine and cheese tasting at the wine cellar. Mubarak informed us that we had been invited to this tasting and that the owners and managers would be there as a casual meet and greet happy hour.

Back at our room, we hadn’t popped open our complimentary champagne yet, so we thought this was a fantastic opportunity to do so and sit out on our gorgeous deck.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives private patio

This was also a great time to knock out a few emails. The Wi-Fi works fantastic throughout the entire island, no need to search for different wireless connections, just connect once and you are online for the duration of your experience. Now that is the way it should work. On some islands they have different Wi-Fi networks that you need to connect to which means as you move around the island, you will need to connect to each one before it will work seamlessly without losing connectivity. You don’t have to worry about that at Amilla, connect once and you are good to go!

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives private patio setup

The great thing about the rooms is that you really have everything you need where you could literally stay put and be content. You can snorkel right off your room, you have your very own private infinity pool, a huge patio area with chaise lounge chairs and a table/chairs and then of course all of the fantastic amenities of the room I spoke of previously. To top it off, you can order from any of the 5 restaurants at the baazaar and have it delivered to your room. So there you have, if you didn’t want to see anyone and wanted your complete privacy, you can do just that. If we had more time on the island we would have definitely had some days where we stayed put for the day and would have loved every minute of it.

After we finished our champagne and work emails it was already time to wash up for the tasting at the cellar. You can call and have your host pick you up via golf cart or you can opt to walk. We always opt for the route of more exercise, so we walked. Coming from the other island where they had bicycles, which is the way you got around the island, I wonder if they might be able to incorporate bikes somehow. That might be a nice touch, if it would be feasible...?

The walk over to the wine cellar was great as the sun was starting to set. The main infinity pool is a spectacular place to enjoy the sunset and a glass of wine or drink of choice.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives sunset infinity pool area

Once we got to the wine cellar, the spread of wine and cheese was incredible and so beautiful we didn’t know where to begin.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives wine cheese party

Luckily we didn’t have to, as Beatrice (aka “Bee”), an amazing sommelier, was there to educate us throughout the evening as to what we were eating/drinking and most importantly, how best to enjoy the two together. This was such a great night. We got to meet Michael, one of the co-founders, Daniel, the resort manager, Rae the PR and social media executive and Tom, the other co-founder and “island chief.” Even though Amilla was recently opened, we got to learn about 2 other island ventures they had in the works. One of the islands was going to be more of a play on Miami niki beach style, which would be catered toward a younger hip crowd (or older and hip, no discriminating on their islands). The third venture is going to be more of a glamping type of an experience where they will have tented camps. The big idea which I really like is that you can come to the Maldives, and enjoy 3 completely different experiences by going from one island to the next, all while getting the same amazing customer service. Can’t wait to visit their next two islands!

For the actual tasting, Bee was incredible and boy does she know her stuff. I learned more about cheese and wine that night, my head started to hurt (could have also been from the enormous amounts of cheese and wine we consumed as Bee kept our glasses filled to the brim at all times.) We stayed around and chatted with Daniel, Bee and Rae until we all agreed it was time to put a balanced meal in our stomachs to soak up some of the wine.

What I loved about this wine and cheese tasting with the owners, and managers was that we could really see and feel how much they loved this particular venture, Amilla Fushi, and it was great to learn about their bigger vision and how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together to make for an incredible experience for their guests. I also really liked to hear about each of their backgrounds and how they all came together to make this Maldivian island dream come to life. Understanding the passion and love behind the vision for what they are building/creating and knowing that their ultimate goal is creating a Maldivian island experience and soon to be experiences that are like no other island in the Maldives. They wanted to flip traditional and typical on it’s head, pave a new path where customers never want to leave and when they do, they can’t wait to start planning their trip back.

Amilla is definitely on the right track, as I mentioned earlier, this was our 6th island and it truly is like no other island we have experienced....all in a very good way of course. The other great thing that I appreciated that night was the fact that each manager, and owner wanted to hear feedback. What did you like and more importantly, what didn’t you like? This is often a hard question to ask as most managers and owners would prefer to filter out the bad and only hear the good. This is great to see as it is a testament that they all truly care about the guests' experience and are not just out to showoff their brand new venue….which of course they should be very proud of and scream from the island tops as happy owners/managers. But knowing that there are always things that can be improved and never being content and complacent, is really refreshing to see. Again, everything revolved around making the experience(s) better for the guests….bravo Amilla!

For dinner we were thinking that we wanted Maldivian, Indian or Sri-Lankan food of course, so we thought we would give the Tapas place a try knowing we saw some dishes we knew we would enjoy. We shared several dishes including: Maldivian Fish Curry,

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives fish curry

Wok fried calamari,

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives seafood stir fry

and Eggplant, okra & spinach curry with mango salad.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives okra curry

All the dishes can be altered to whatever spice level you would like 1-10. We opted for 8 on all dishes and had them bring extra chili peppers on the side. Yeah, you can say we like our dishes spicy with a side of spicy.

Day #2

We got up around 6:30am, brewed a few espressos from our nespresso machine and enjoyed watching the sunrise out on our stunning private patio. After we were fully caffeinated and ready to rock, we jogged over to the gym to get our daily cardio session in. The gym is great with all the essentials you could ask for, plus all the equipment is brand new being that the resort was also brand new.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives gym

They have a steam room, sauna and plunge pool located near by which is always a fantastic way to end a workout.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives Javvu Spa area

As I mentioned previsouly, their juice bar which is located right outside of the gym area was not quite open for business for our stay, but is going to be a great addition when it is opened being that you can order a fresh spa drink right after your spa treatment or workout session and enjoy it on their lovely lounge area overlooking the water.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives spa lounge area

After the gym we headed directly to the breakfast area, held at the Fresh restaurant, which is where they had the buffet all setup. They had many different areas which included assorted fruit, a variety of cereals and muesli, lots of dried fruit and yogurt, a wide variety of pastries to choose from, as well as a refrigerated section with smoked salmon, assorted meats, and veggies. It was definitely a good selection to choose them. If you didn’t see exactly what you wanted or had something specific in mind, once you sit down a waiter will be by your table to assist you with any orders off the regular menu. We both grazed the buffet and filled our plates with fresh fruit, muesli and yogurt. Off the main menu I ordered an egg white omelet with smoked salmon and all their fresh veggies,

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives egg white omelet

and Jamie went for their Maldivian lentil and okra curries.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives lentil curry okra curry

Breakfast was perfect, light and fresh!

For the rest of the afternoon we grabbed our computers and books and hit the pool area to lounge until our spa treatment(which is complimentary daily).

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives beach setup in front of pool

The pool area is really awesome and quite large with many different areas to spread out with lounging areas surrounding the entire infinity pool front and back. They also have these cool sitting areas located within the pool so you can enjoy a meal or a beverage literally in the middle of the pool, quite cool!

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives dinning area inside pool

We found a few cozy bean-bag chairs and setup our office there for the afternoon.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives main pool lounging area

For our spa treatment, we wanted to get there at least 30 minutes prior so that we could enjoy the sauna and steam. Yes, we just had a sauna and steam after our morning gym workout, however, for me it is an absolute must before a spa treatment. I feel like it really loosens up my muscles and gets me relaxed and ready for a great treatment. The spa facility is nicely laid out as well. Each treatment is held in its own private house, and they have a whole bunch of individual houses of which they will escort you when it's time for your treatment to begin.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives spa path

When we got to the spa facility we were greeted with a cold towel and a glass of delicious ginger iced tea, and then we were guided to the waiting room area.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives Javvu Spa waiting area

We filled out a quick form and were escorted to the sauna and steam.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives Javvu Spa sauna steam room

Our therapist showed us the changing room and said he would be back in 30 minutes to collect us for our massage. 30 minutes went by quickly and we were ready to get started and followed our therapists to our private house which is where our beds were setup and ready for us.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives Javvu Spa beds

The massage itself was a 50-minute Thai massage and was one of the best massages I had. I personally have a lot of knots in my upper back and he was very thorough in releasing them. The setting of the room is quite relaxing with pleasant music playing in the background. My better-half was so relaxed, there were a few extra noises coming from her side (aka a little snoring, which is always a good sign of a great massage). After our massage our therapists guided us to the lounge area

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives spa lounge area outside

and brought us some tea.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives spa tea

They both sat down with us for a little while as they were very interested in learning what we thought of the treatment and what treatment we wanted the following day. I absolutely loved mine and just asked him what he thought I needed. Without hesitation he really wanted another go at working out the knots in my upper back, explaining that he made great progress on them and wanted to continue with another treatment focusing on that area. That was just fine with me and Jamie decided to give the facial massage a try, which sounded very interesting and something the therapists recommended as a very enjoyable experience.

After our massage we both felt like we were floating in the clouds and didn’t want to do much but continue relaxing back in our rooms, so we did just that. We also knew we had a happy hour cocktail party at 6:30pm with the managers back at the wine cellar, so it was the perfect amount of time to relax prior to getting ready for the night.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives sunset on patio

6:30pm rolled right around the corner and we got ready and made our way over to the wine cellar. Once we got there, they were serving tray passed appetizers, which were all terrific and of course being in the wine cellar, they had all sorts of wine flowing, compliments of Bee.

The meet and greet was great as many different managers came up to us and just wanted to listen to see what we thought about the property thus far and to hear about any sort of feedback we may have. I had a hard time coming up with anything and kept mentioning things that I liked and the staff kept reverting me back and said, so if you could change anything what would it be? They were really searching for things that they could be doing better. I finally came up with 2 things. I had remembered when taking a shower earlier that there wasn��t a ledge in the shower to place the soap or shampoo and mentioned that would be nice to have. He smiled and said that was already in the works and would be implemented for my next visit. I also mentioned to him that it would be great if one of the restaurants were focused solely on Maldivian cuisine. Being foodies, when we travel to a country we want to eat that country's food as much as we can. They definitely had quite a few dishes on the menu that were Maldivian, however, I would really like to see a restaurant dedicated to the cuisine and really bring about the authentic flavors and culture.

This cocktail party was our second night and second display that we had witnessed on the island where it was very clear that the entire management and team had one mission and goal in mind, that being the guest/customer's happiness. This was another great party with the management and again very much appreciated seeing how humble everyone was. They took any and all criticism with a glowing smile and asked for more. If they hadn’t kept digging, I probably wouldn’t have mentioned the two things that I did, so this is a great example that sometimes you need to dig a little deeper or rephrase the question in a different way to uncover the nuggets of gold you are looking to find.

For dinner the sun was about to set so we knew we wanted to head over to the main pool and have dinner at one of the tables overlooking the water.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives pool sunset

Loving all the Maldivian food we could get, we went for a very similar order as our previous night's order and went for the lentil curry, Szechuan Maldivian crab with sweet basil and Eggplant, okra & spinach curry, and we topped it off which a cheese dessert platter.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives cheese spread dessert

Dinner was wonderful and even better with an amazing sunset to end the day.

Day #3

We started the day with our typical nespresso shots out on our amazing patio overlooking the water. This is so peaceful and such a great spot to read a book, write or just do nothing but stare out into the turquoise water.

After our normal cardio session at the gym we had the breakfast buffet at Fresh, where I opted for the fruit, mixed cereals and yogurt with a side of smoked salmon. Right after our breakfast we were set to go out on our water sport activity(you get to enjoy one water activity per day that is complimentary) which was going to be snorkeling with the marine biologist to go see the blue hole and other marine life. We were really bummed about our brand new GoPro which decided to break on us as we were looking forward to shooting underwater shots. Mubarak learned about this and met us at our breakfast table with his personal underwater camera for us to use. This was extremely nice of Mubarak, not expected at all, and really made our day!

After breakfast we headed out to the second pier, which was, where the water sport center was located, got on the boat and off we went. The first stop was to see the blue hole, which is literally right out in front of the island a little ways. We got our gear on and jumped into the water(more like bathwater it's so warm).

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives diving

The hole itself was very cool and our marine biologist and guide were able to swim all the way through it….not so much for myself.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives blue hole diving

I got as close as I could before my ears let me know it was enough and time to get back to the surface. It was still very cool to look all the way inside the hole and see the opening on the other side. I know with more practice with my breathing and ear pressure I would be able to do it. I’ll conquer the hole on our return trip!

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives Blue Hole

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives Blue Hole view

Once everyone had a good look at the blue hole we got back into the boat and headed to another island with a terrific reef. We were able to see a ton of beautiful marine life,

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives snorkling

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives snorkeling fish

including many turtles and white/black tipped reef sharks. After about 45 minutes, we headed back to Amilla.

For lunch we saw someone order skewers the day before and knew we were going to have those for lunch today. We both ordered a salmon skewer and then had a scallop skewer to share.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives skewers

The salmon and scallops were cooked to perfection.

Before our spa treatment we wanted to do the sauna and steam again so we arrived 45 minutes early to ensure we had enough time for each. My massage was wonderful as usual and he said if I had one more day he could have defeated the knots in my upper back. Regardless, he did a great job and I felt incredible afterwards. Jamie mentioned that her facial massage was so relaxing and she was 2 for 2 on the extra noises during the 50minute massage (aka snoring), which again is a testament for how relaxed she was. She swears she doesn’t typically do that(note: 2 for 2 on this trip)!

For the remainder of the afternoon we enjoyed the main infinity pool as well as the infinity pool back at our room before we had to get ready for dinner.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives pool

Rae, the PR and Marketing executive invited us to dinner at their signature restaurant, Lonu, which we were very excited about trying. Like I mentioned earlier, this is the one restaurant that you will want to ask your host to make reservations in advance just in case. (a little history note on the name Lonu: “In the ancient Greek days, salt was a very expensive commodity. It was given as a gift as a sign of hospitality and friendship. Many of Luke Mangan's restaurants bear the name ‘Salt’, and for his first venture in the Maldives he chose ‘Lonu’, the Dhivehi word for salt.”)

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives lonu restaurant

When we arrived, they had our table all ready for us right by the window overlooking the beautiful water.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives LONU BY LUKE MANGAN OUTDOOR

The ambiance is absolutely stunning and could possibly be one of the best places to enjoy the sunset. Correction...they also have a fantastic sunset bar and lounge area located on the second floor, which most likely is the best place place to watch the sunset while enjoying a beverage of your choice. Lets just say they both will yield fantastic sunsets...

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives LONU BY LUKE MANGAN SUNSET BAR

For dinner, we started with some fresh oysters and Luke’s sashimi of kingfish with ginger & shallot, Persian feta,and rocket.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives lonu oysters

Bee knew we were going to be here for dinner and had come special wine waiting for us. The wine was amazing and such a great touch....thanks Bee!

For our main dishes, we ordered the Maldivian Reef fish with eggplant, honey & spices, caramelized witlof, and green tomato chutney,

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives lonu fish entre

the Roasted Maldivian snapper, cauliflower puree, zucchini, pine nuts, currants and basil

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives lonu snapper entre

and a few sides: roasted curry pumpkin, capsicum, feta and coriander

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives lonu pumpkin side dish

and brussels sprouts, walnuts and rosemary.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives lonu brussels side dish

Everything was cooked and seasoned just right. The fish was nice and tender and delicious. We really enjoyed the sides as well….the brussels and pumpkin really had a lot of great flavor and a definite reorder!

That evening with Rae was great and a more in-depth continuation of the manager/owner cocktail meetings we had the previous 2 nights. It was really nice to learn about their overall marketing strategy/vision and what was important for them short and long term as far as how their property(ies) were and would be conveyed to the public. As I touched on earlier, one of their top missions was and is to create an experience like no other island in the Maldives. And by different, they wanted to question every aspect that had been done on other islands and figure out how it could be done better. They also wanted to get a good understanding of all the elements that guests appreciated and really enjoyed while on other islands including theirs as well as what they didn’t like so much and what they would like to see different. From all the feedback they had compiled over the years, coupled with their own creatives, Amilla was born, which was their first of 3. The big picture idea is that once all 3 are built, you could plan a trip and stay at all 3 during your stay and leave with 3 completely different and very enjoyable experiences in the Maldives. The other thought is that if you did want a change of pace during your stay on Amilla, you could always plan a boat ride to one of their other 2 islands for lunch or for a day trip. By having 2 different islands all within the same atoll and family of properties, really opens the doors to so many great opportunities. I know we would have very much enjoyed having lunch or a day trip to another island if that was an activity being offered.


We started our final day just like the previous ones with our nespresso out on our patio, followed by a quick cardio session to get our blood flowing for the day, and then off to Fresh for the breakfast buffet.

Since our speedboat back to the Baa atoll was at noon, we didn’t have all that much time to do much else besides gathering our belongings and getting all packed.

Rae and Mubarak met us at our house and grabbed our luggage to take to the boat and then came back to pick us up.

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives pier

At the end of the pier Bee was there to see us off. She had a little note and a signed cork bottle as a souvenir for us. That was really nice and we absolutely loved loved loved our time with Bee. If and when you visit Amilla, please make sure you make a pit-stop, or many pit-stops to visit Bee. She is such a down-to-earth person who is passionate about wine and cheese and many other things of which you can learn about. On top of that I think she speaks something like 5+ languages…a woman of many talents!

The speedboat back is a quick one(Wi-Fi enabled) and then the Amilla team takes care of everything once we get there and has us relax in the lounge until our departure time.

Final Thoughts…

Amilla Fushi was a fantastic experience and one that succeeded in their mission of being completely different than any other island experiences we had thus far…in the best way possible of course!

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives private event

The attention to detail at Amilla is incredible. They really wanted to pull out all the stops when creating this island and I think they absolutely set the bar very high. Examples include the Baazaar area with all 5 different restaurants to choose from that are centrally located, the general store concept(brilliant), the ipads in place of paper menus and paper information(embracing technology is so great to see), and the different residences was such a great idea. The fact that you can come back 5 different times and enjoy a completely different living space and therefore island experience is another brilliant move. Or, you can even split up your current trip and stay in a few different residences(i.e. lagoon house, beach house, tree-house, etc.), which will also create another layer to your overall island experience.

I really appreciated and enjoyed the management, owners and all the staff members we had the pleasure of speaking with. None of them wavered on their goal, and that was to get to the root of any issues, concerns and suggestions. They really wanted to hear the good, the bad and the ugly. It was also very evident that everyone on the Amilla team truly enjoyed what they were doing and more importantly, who they were doing it for. This is something you can just feel when you are talking to people and is really infectious in that it rubs off on whomever they are talking to. When you love what you do, others can see that and it a wonderful thing because everyone becomes positively affected and the guests' overall experience benefits the most.

Amilla has thought of almost everything when creating this island and really has made sure they have an offering for anyone who steps foot on the island. From the food, to the residences, to all the activities and soon to be 2 other unique islands, they certainly have set themselves apart from the rest and I am excited to follow along and witness their success.

I can now check off the lagoon house on my Amilla residence list and only have 5 more to try, plus their 2 other islands…

Looking forward to our return trip to “my island home,” see you soon Amilla...

amilla fushi baa atoll maldives infinity pool sunset swan