Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco is the latest hot spot. The city’s vibrant atmosphere, dynamic souks and authentic cuisine create lasting memories and a desire to visit again.

Check out this insider’s agenda to ensure a trip to remember...

What to Do

The first order of business is to visit Djemaa el Fnaa, this is the main square and marketplace located in the heart of the medina district. Djemaa Fnaa features authentic night time food carts, daytime snake tamers, monkey charmers, spice markets, fresh orange juice and many tourists. It is also a great viewing place for Koutoubia Mosque and entrance to many back alley ways for shopping the souks!

Viewing the Koutoubia Mosque with its signature minaret tower is always very special especially from the many restaurants in the Djemaa el Fnaa but the best way to experience it is to hear the call to prayer. A truly moving experience that happens five times daily lead by the Koutoubia Mosque and followed by all the surrounding mosques.

Marrakech, Morocco

Shop the Souk: any good vacation always consists of some shopping and what better way than in the authentic souk in the medina. Shopping here will consist of many different shops and of course haggling and bargaining. Redoing your house there is no place better than the souk in the medina to pick up new tiles, pottery and traditional Moroccan crafts.  Need a break from shopping stop by Café Clock for a traditional meal with a view!

What to See

Need a break from the hustle and bustle of the medina, visit Jardin Majorelle. This twelve acre botanical garden offers the perfect escape and tranquil environment to enjoy in an afternoon. Of course the ties to Yves Saint Laurent make it extra special, he owned the Jardin Majorelle from 1980 onward and when he passed his ashes were scattered here.

Marrakech, Morocco

Where to Go

A guided day trip in the Atlas Mountains for day hiking and Berber Village viewing creates a wonderful escape from the city. If up for some adventure an overnight trip in the Sahara Desert with a guided tour  is always advisable. Don’t forget to take a camel ride through the Sahara and to go with a group that sets up your traditional tents for overnight.

Marrakech, Morocco

Your Turn

Have you been to Marrakech? What were some of the your favorite experiences or moments?