Ashley and Nick on the steps of the Cairo Estate

What do you get when you combine a luxurious estate venue with a bride with visions of a gilded Great Gatsby themed wedding?

From the photographer Studio Carre, "When you want a platinum wedding, the Cairo Estate in Orange County is the place to go. For Ashley + Nick, this lovely venue was the perfect backdrop for their nuptials."

Ashley's embellished wedding gown

Bride and Groom wedding styles

Ashley wore a glistening embellished wedding gown with ivory heels embellished with a large bow on each side. Her hair was styled in relaxed curls and hew jewelry sparkled from her tear drop earrings and complementing bracelets. The best fashion had to be the delightful choice of cheerful daisy socks peeking out from beneath the groom's pant cuffs- a nice personal detail.

Bride and Groom

Ballroom style reception at the Cairo Estate

We loved this story about Ashley and Nick's just-blossomed love as told by the wedding photographers, "For this couple, unorthodox, over-the-top is their way.  Nick, when he proposed to Ashley, did so on the USS Midway.  He made it the ultimate surprise; he rented a helicopter, told her it was for his work, and then when they landed on the Midway, family and friends were there waiting to celebrate!  That is on the same lines as being right out of a movie!

This couple was super sweet, and their wedding was one of the most beautiful.  The estate was spectacular, and with the winding staircase and the market string lights outside, the couple and the location alike made for some wonderful photographs."

Great Gatsby inspired table settings

Great Gatsby class under twinkling lights

The gold elements and the soft white feathers that could be seen in the bride's bouquet, beautiful white peacock designed cake, and attention-grabbing centerpieces, all went exquisitely well with the whimsical fairytale estate and the star couple for the day - Ashley and Nick!

Congrats to the beautiful couple!

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All Photos: Studio Carre Photographie