AtholPlace Pool

We originally had 2 nights booked at the AtholPlace, however, our travel plans changed and we were only able to spend less than 24 hours at the venue (in fact it was only 12 hours). Boy, was that a huge mistake and bummer once we arrived.

AtholPlace Outdoor Patio Area

Their driver was there waiting for us as we arrived into Joburg International Airport. He grabbed our bags and off we went to AtholPlace. As we drove through Joburg to the boutique hotel, we passed by many areas that were quite run-down and not the place you would want to have a flat tire. However, once we entered the community where the hotel was! There were mansions everywhere.  AtholPlace was nestled right there, within the other mansions and huge estates.

AtholPlace Lawn Area

The property was stunning the minute we entered the gates. We were immediately greeted with welcome drinks and taken for a quick tour of the venue. The décor in every space was gorgeous and done so well.

AtholPlace Decor

They have so many different areas that you can lounge: a really cool hipster bar/lounge area, garden patio area, the inside dinning area, the outside lounge and dinning area and then their stunning green & perfectly manicured lawn and pool area.

AtholPlace Garden Area

The grand estate architecture of the property is another aspect that is pleasant on the eyes. Every lounge area has views of the venue which are gorgeous. They also have a little gym onsite which was awesome and I must say it was better than 90% of the other gyms I had seen on our journey, with all new equipment and all the essentials to knock out a quality workout.

AtholPlace Bar Area

After our quick tour they knew we had to be a bit hungry being that our flight had been delayed and we arrived later than we should have to the hotel. They brought us some delicious chardonnay from Stellenbosch and a beautiful cheese and fruit display which did the trick to suffice our hunger until dinner.

AtholPlace Cheese Platter

Once we finished our wine and cheese we were escorted to our honeymoon suit and, wow again, what a spectacular room this is.

AtholPlace Suit

The room is enormous with very tall ceilings.

AtholPlace suit couch

The décor and interior design elements didn’t stop with the outside of the venue, the rooms are all decked out with a cool couch, desk, and other furniture and details that really make the suit standout.

AtholPlace Bedroom

The outdoor patio is also huge and overlooks the lawn and pool area.

AtholPlace bedroom view

The bathroom is yet another beautiful space with all africology amenities.

AtholPlace Bathroom

AtholPlace Bathroom Sink

The staff was so sweet and had a very nice card and bottle of champagne display waiting for us to consume and we happily obliged out on our private patio.

AtholPlace Champagne

After enjoying our champagne on the patio, we wanted to get washed up and ready for dinner so that we could spend some time enjoying the other areas of the AtholPlace.

AtholPlace lounge area bar

We got ready and went down to the hipster bar and ordered a vodka martini and then strolled around the property taking in each space.

AtholPlace Vodka Martini

The bar area is really really cool as you can either sit up at the bar or lounge on one of the cool couches amongst all the other décor which makes the room so neat.

AtholPlace bar lounge

The outdoor lounge area and the pool space are quite nice as well.

AtholPlace Outside Lounge

As we were getting close to dinner time our host came over to verify our dietary needs and preferences of which we let him know we were pescatarian. He let us know that dinner was going to be a 4 course dinning experience, where the chef would create 4 different courses based on our needs. We were in for a real treat.

The first course arrived which was sweetcorn chowder, with grilled prawns and greens on rye bruschetta.

AtholPlace Starter

For the second course, we had vegetable spring-roll cigars, pepper-dew jellies and a pickled vegetable salad.

AtholPlace Appetizer

For our main course, we had pan fried local trout, baby potatoes, green coconut sauce, paw paw chutney and a mango tout salad.

AtholPlace Main Course

For dessert, they served ginger and lemongrass panna cotta with orange and passion fruit sorbet.

AtholPlace Dessert

Wow….everything was so good and our host paired several fantastic wines throughout our dinning experience which went perfectly with each dish.

Our host insisted that we try one of his signature after dinner drinks and of course we didn’t say no…how could you when everything else was so good. He knew we liked coffee and brought us an espresso martini which was one of the best ones we had ever had and we have had a lot of espresso martinis….yum. He told us that he uses rum instead of vodka, which was his special twist and it really worked. You must try it if and when you stay at the AtholPlace

AtholPlace Lawn View

After dinner we started to head to our rooms and our host wanted to confirm our departure details, as we had to catch a really early flight to the tune of 6am and he wanted to make sure the driver was ready to fetch our bags and get us to the airport on time. When we got back to our suit, there was a special surprise waiting for us. Roses petals all the way to the bath and bed, with a drawn bubble bath, champagne and rose petals that covered our entire bed. Such a nice touch and very romantic.

AtholPlace Rose Petals

With such as early flight we enjoyed our surprise, packed and got ready for bed. In the morning, I got up an hour earlier so that I could utilize their gym before our departure and I really liked it. As we headed down to the lobby, our host and driver were there ready to assist with our luggage. Mind you, this is 4am in the morning and they were both there with smiles on their faces. Didn’t expect that.

After we checked out, our host handed us two breakfast baggies to go so that we could enjoy breakfast on our car ride to the airport. Another nice touch that we didn’t expect.

AtholPlace Takeaway Breakfast

Our entire experience, although cut way too short, was fantastic. The food, the service, and the ambiance. If you have a stop over in Joburg, or are planning on visiting Joburg for business, a vacation, etc., the AtholPlace is a must visit! The other thing is that they are located in the Malanbeng area, which has around 20 terrific new restaurants to choose from, although the food and service at the AtholPlace is great, you literally could unpack, relax and not have to worry about going anywhere. Our only complaint was that we didn’t have enough time...which is a great excuse to make a trip back. The AtholPlace is part of a collection of the Morokuru Family of venues and we can’t wait to experience all of them as they look just as amazing as the AtholPlace.

AtholPlace cheers