Eating out is...

a part of virtually every vacation.

For some people, however,

food is the most important part of their travels.

Holiday-making food lovers make sure they hit all

the best eateries in their destination.

They might even choose a specific destination solely because of the reputation of its restaurant scene.

The delights of eating don't even have to be confined to the restaurant table.

Luxury vacations rentals, which play host to vacationers who want a more private,

luxurious holiday experience than a hotel or resort can provide,

often have chefs on staff to create world-class cuisine right at the estate's dining room table.

The cities listed below have dynamic restaurant scenes and

a wide array of vacation estates that are known for offering great eating experiences to their guests.

San Francisco

As a cultural melting pot and one of the world's great metropolises, San Francisco is an ideal city for food lovers.

Authentic Cantonese and Japanese cuisine is easier to find here than it is in any other city on the American side of the Pacific.

The seafood is ridiculously fresh in the Bay Area, and ambitious chefs are constantly finding new ways to present old fish favorites.

When combined, these traits create one of the most interesting eating scenes in the country.

The same exciting food culture carries over to the rental estates of the Bay Area, many of which employ personal chefs and caterers to provide delicious dishes for vacationing families or large special events.

Of course, the added bonus of a food-centric Bay Area vacation is that California's wine country is nearby, so high quality wines are commonplace on every estate's  dinner table.

New York

The Big Apple is legendary for the diversity of its restaurant scene and for the high concentration of world-class, chef-driven restaurants.

Every well-known cuisine in the world is represented in New York City.

Some kitchens focus on cutting edge fusion cuisine and boast menus that feature dishes which cannot be eaten anywhere else in the world.

The event venues and rental estates of metro NYC also provide world-class cuisine because they employ the city's best caterers and most experienced private chefs.



Honolulu is a land of beaches and resorts.

It hasn't really earned headlines for its food scene, but the combination of fresh foods, generous portions and surprisingly diverse, non-touristy eateries make Honolulu a great place for a food-based getaway.

Seafood lovers will feel like they are in heaven when they eat their way around the 50th state's biggest city.

The best part about Honolulu, of course, is the prevalence of seaside rental villas that provide luxurious accommodations to tourists who want to experience Hawaii from a non-resort perspective.

San Diego

San Diego might sit in the shadow of one of the world's mot famous metropolises, Los Angeles, but it more than holds its own when it comes to food.

Like its West Coast peers, the city is a melting pot of cultures, flavors and cooking styles.

Places like the Gaslamp Quarter have a high concentration of world-class eateries, while suburbs like La Jolla boast some of the region's best upscale dining experiences.

The luxury rental estates of San Diego are ideal bases for exploring the food scene of Southernmost California, both because they are close to the city's hottest eateries and because many have chefs on staff who can cook dishes that can match any restaurant kitchen in terms of quality.

Los Angeles

LA's restaurant scene is probably best known because of its celebrity-filled restaurants and glitzy, (over-priced?) bistros, delis and cafes.

For food lovers, though, this massive metropolis is not about celeb-sightings, but rather about cutting edge chefs doing exciting things in the kitchen.

A truly memorable Tinseltown vacation would have to include a stay in one of the unbelievably luxurious rental estates in the city.

These venues range from penthouses to spacious villas to ultramodern mansions, so visitors can easily find the perfect accommodation for their needs.

The ultimate food-centered vacation would have to include a stay in a luxury rental estate that employs a personal chef.

These upscale venues make it possible for hard-core foodies to enjoy quality meals every time they sit down at the table.

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