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Cambodia is a timeless land with centuries of history. Recent infrastructure developments and a growing amount of tourism buzz means that many people are thinking about visiting this Southeast Asian nation for the first time. What they are finding when they arrive is a place like no other. Gone are the days when Cambodia was considered Asia’s “wild west.” Today it is an accessible place where it is not a cliche to use terms like “magical,” “enchanting,” and “timeless.”

Luxury holiday in Cambodia

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With a growing list of luxury hotels, exciting restaurants, and cosmopolitan nightspots, the capital city of Phnom Penh has become an enticing “next best thing” destination for in-the-know travelers. Legendary lounges like the Foreign Correspondents Club and hotels like Raffles Le Royale hearken back to Cambodia’s past, while a plethora of new four-star hotels and glitzy nightclubs give the city a youthful, modern edge. In short, this is an exciting place to be.

Phnom Penh cosmopolitan

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But Phnom Penh is perhaps not as exciting as Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s headlining destination. This centuries-old temple complex, located in the north of the country, was once at the heart of one of the world’s most powerful agricultural empires. Tourists flock here for the postcard-worthy sights and amazing, fantasy-like atmosphere.

Cambodia luxury vacation

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Plugged-in travelers, meanwhile, head down to the southern coastline. Untouched sands and laid-back beach towns make this the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying an authentic Southeast Asian experience. This kind of vacation is just not possible on the tourist-heavy shores of Thailand’s islands or the region’s other highly-touted beach destinations.

Cambodia vacation ideas

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Intrepid backpackers have been coming to southern Cambodia for decades, finding their beachside paradises through nothing but word of mouth. This is one of the few places on earth where you can discover the undiscovered as a tourist. But these days, discovery doesn’t entail camping on the beach or renting a basic bungalow. Places like Song Saa can give you adventure and untouched nature alongside a healthy dose of luxury.

Cambodia Honeymoon Destinations

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Song Saa is a private island resort about a half-hour from Cambodia’s mainland. It sits in an archipelago of untouched islands in the Gulf of Thailand. These tiny land masses are covered with virgin forests and surround by teeming reefs. With 27 villas nestled in the jungle or sitting directly over the water, Song Saa puts guests right in the midst of paradise without ruining it.

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In fact, this resort’s whole philosophy is based on maintaining the islands in their most pristine state. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in the experience, reveling in nature while also enjoying endless pampering and luxury that is meant to leave them in a completely relaxed state of mind. Getting into the Song Saa mindset is very easy with the attractive menu of spa treatments, the private villas with their plunge pools and panoramic views, and the amazing cuisine offered at every meal. The combination of Song Saa’s philosophy, amenities and services makes this special place a real paradise (not one that tries to manufacture paradise). This sense of authenticity can be used to describe Cambodia as a whole.

Song Saa Cambodia Private Island Luxury

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Would somewhere else in Southeast Asia suit your fancy better than Cambodia? Estate Weddings and Events has you covered. You can give Thailand a try. Or Bali.

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