Vacation fall colors in Vermont

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In some parts of the US, autumn is the most beautiful time of year. The leaves turn into bright oranges, reds and yellows. The best places to see the fall colors are in the northern states. The eye-catching hues can last a few weeks or a month at most. The brightness and intensity of the colors depends on many variables, from the weather to the amount of rainfall. As a general rule, the further north you get, the better your chances of seeing amazing autumn foliage.

These leaves make September and October a great time of year to host a special event. The greenery of summer and the peacefulness of a snowy winter can be nice, but having fall colors as the backdrop for your wedding or special event can provide an ideal atmosphere. If this sounds like an enticing experience, you should consider these venues for your autumn event.

Hewitt Hill Farm

Vermont colors

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Vermont is one of the best states for fall colors. It is almost completely rural, so you can see brightly colored forests wherever you turn. This New England state is filled with rustic venues that can host weddings and other special events. One of the best is the Hewitt Hill Farm. This farm's barn hosts indoor special events, but it is generally still warm enough in fall to have celebrations outside as well.

Hewitt Hill Vermont events

One of the best things about Hewitt Hill is that, unlike many similar farm and barn venues, it can accommodate overnight guests. Up to 28 people can stay on the property. This makes this Vermont estate ideal for a fall wedding weekend.

Hidden Pond

Maine fall colors

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Located in Kennebunkport, Maine, the Hidden Pond Resort is ideal for people who aren't necessarily intent on hosting a special event, but who just want to enjoy the fall colors with family or close friends. Perhaps after your New England autumn wedding you might consider this place for a honeymoon. There are individual cottages and bungalows on the property, so there is a high level of privacy.

Hidden Pond Maine Travel

If the air is still warm enough, you can take a dip in the pool. If it is not, you can head over to the spa for a massage or beauty treatment. Or you could simply sit on your porch and look out at the brightly hued foliage. Hidden Pond is able to host special events, so it could be BOTH a wedding and honeymoon destination.

Schwartz House

images via wplynn

images via wplynn

Few places have the fall foliage to match Wisconsin. Some people come here from neighboring states for no other reason than to see the colorful leaves. The views are great throughout this state. One of the best places to see the show is in a small town. The village of Two Rivers has a number of historic dwellings. One of the most amazing is the Schwartz House. This luxury home sits right in a forested area. Better yet, it had a very famous designer. The house was planned by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright, America's most celebrated architect. The Schwartz House has four bedrooms and ample common area space. It is ideal for a fall getaway, a honeymoon, an elopement or a small family reunion.

Hidden Vineyard Barn

Hidden Vineyard Barn Event Venue Bradley James- HeyGorg Photoshoot3

Barn venues are extremely popular in the fall. The rural settings, the rustic romance and the ample open spaces make these venues perfect for a wedding or for another type of special event with a lot of guests. Take Michigan's Hidden Vineyard Barn as an example. This rural event space has all the low-key allure of the best barn venues. It is centrally located near Detroit and Chicago, and it is surrounded by forests and vineyards that look especially beautiful in the autumn.

image via simon thalmann

image via simon thalmann

If a fall wedding or special event sounds interesting, you should look for the time of year when the colors are at their peak in your chosen destination. That can vary from early September to late October and even November is some places. Generally, the further north you are, the earlier the leaves change. The colors are a tourist attraction, so most destinations have data about when the colors are at their peak on average.

Your turn

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