Bachelor Party hotels

Bachelor parties often follow the same kind of script. This is supposed to be one last hurrah with the boys before you start married life - one final night of misbehaving. But a bachelor party can be much more than a single evening of overindulging.

If you are a groom-to-be or a best man in charge of planning the night's activities, it is OK to think outside of the box. There isn't even a rule that says that a bachelor party has to take place over the course of a single night.

Weddings are about a collection of experiences, not just the day of the marriage itself. The bachelor party, in a way, kicks off the whole celebration. So why not personalize it? Why not make it something that you and your friends are not soon going to forget? Here are some bachelor party ideas that will hopefully inspire you to do something besides follow the script.

Rent a villa

Rooftop gardens estate los angeles downtown venue

One of the best ways to have control over your bachelor party experience is to bring the party to yourself instead of going out to find a party. Instead of a bar crawl, you can rent a venue, hire a DJ or book your favorite local band for the evening. Why not hire a caterer as well? Chances are you had to compromise with your wife-to-be while picking out your wedding reception menu. This is your chance to serve everything that you want.

Panama Bachelor Party

Not all event villas are for weddings, and not all are located in rural or suburban settings. You can actually find plenty of places close to the heart of the city. This means you will always have the option of going out on the town once the party starts to slow down.

Take a "bachelor weekend" trip


If you really want to up the chances of making good memories, then you can take a whole weekend and go somewhere special. If you have the time, you can go as far as Spain or Greece for a weekend on the beach. There are plenty of other options as well. You could spend time at a Mexican destination like Cabo or Cancun. You could rent a holiday property in Hawaii or head down to Panama for a weekend of beach-going and partying in one of Central America's best nightlife cities. Or what about Austin, Texas? The Hotel Saint Cecilia (pictured at the beginning of this post) has a hip vibe that was inspired by '60s and '70s rock stars. Better yet, it is within walking distance of America's best live music scene.

hotel saint cecilia Austin Retreat Venue

The best thing about this kind of trip is that you can still do all the bachelor party traditions if you want, but you can also spend time doing things that are unique to your chosen destination.

Get lost

bachelor weekend Montana Rock Creek

This particular bachelor party idea is almost the polar opposite of most people's image of a night out with the guys. Here is our thinking: weddings are meant to be romanic and memorable (and they usually are), but they can also be a bit stressful. Even if you don't get nervous about the whole thing, you will have several days of almost non-stop activity... you will be moving all the time and probably sleeping very little. So there is nothing wrong with getting a little bit of peace and quiet with your close friends before the flurry of activity begins.

Big sir surfing bachelor party

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Maybe surfing or spending time near the ocean puts your mind at ease. You can rent a condo in Big Sur, California or reserve a cottage on Long Island for the weekend. Maybe fly fishing or horseback riding are more your speed. The ranches of Montana can give you exactly what you are looking for. The point is this: you don't have to limit yourself to a party-hard bachelor night. If communing with nature is your idea of a perfect weekend, go for it. Your chances of taking this kind of "guys trip" after your wedding will probably be more limited, so, in a way, an outdoor bachelor adventure makes perfect sense.

Are you planning a bachelor party? What are your ideas? Use the comments section to join the conversation.