Barn Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Selecting bridesmaid dresses is no easy task for any bride.

Sometimes it can be a more difficult decision than selecting your own barn wedding dress.

If you have loads of friends that you want in your wedding, you are going to receive a lot of opinions on what they should wear.

Bridesmaid dresses can be a challenge not just with the choir of opinions but also for the different hair colors, skin tones, body shapes and styles involved.

If you are lost in a sea of bridesmaid dresses for your wedding, an easy way to pair down all of the choices and voices is to focus on the theme of your wedding.

In the case of a barn wedding, you can play off of the location and atmosphere to select the right dress for your bridesmaids.

Before you head out to buy dresses, equip yourself and your bridesmaids with this barn wedding bridesmaid dress guide.

Think Outside the Box

Barn Wedding Dresses: Ideas

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Traditionally, bridesmaid dresses are purchased from a set shop or boutique specializing in bridesmaid apparel. However, with a barn wedding venue, the location is already a little offbeat.

It isn’t your traditional country club wedding or hotel ballroom venue. As the location is more unique, your bridesmaid dresses can also be less traditional.

Rather than frequenting conventional bridesmaid boutiques, go somewhere like Anthropolgie or a small dress boutique instead. You can pick out a dress that looks less like a set bridesmaid dress. Dresses are often more unique at little boutiques as they aren’t made specifically for bridesmaid purposes.

A popular new trend is to select a dress that isn’t even monochromatic. Many brides having barn weddings are selecting dresses with two colors, different textures and fabrics or even a print like a floral dress.

As you are getting married at a location outside the box, you can also think outside the box for your bridesmaid dresses.

Mismatched Dresses and Varying Shades

Bridesmaid Dresses

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In general, barn weddings aren’t ridged, stuffy affairs.

Your bridesmaid dresses should reflect the casual nature of the barn. As a result, you can select mismatched bridesmaid dresses to promote a more relaxed atmosphere. The mismatched look allows bridesmaids to choose a dress according to their taste, style or body type.

In the process, you will have happier maids, as they will feel comfortable in their selection. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses extend that casual and cozy tone to a barn wedding.

Even if you don’t want to go with different styles for your bridesmaid dresses, you can still have a cohesive look by selecting dresses that are merely different tones of the same color. This creates a beautiful visual effect and also accommodates those bridesmaids that don’t all look good in the same color. You can select a dress color that works best for each bridesmaid.

Soft pastels always go well with a barn wedding as they exude classic romantic elegance. A popular trend with barn weddings is to have bridesmaids wear the same dress but in various shades of blushes and tans. These shades work well in photographs against a bright red barn or a gray barn building.

If you go with a mismatched look, you merely need to keep in mind that one factor should tie the dresses together, whether it is color, cut or style. You want your guests to know that they are bridesmaids and not just another wedding guest.

Lightweight Materials

Wedding Dresses for a barn wedding

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Barn weddings are known for getting a little heated. Barns in the summer might not have air conditioning or the best of ventilations. You want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable on your wedding day.

If there were one element to consider for every barn wedding bridesmaid dress it would be the material of the dresses. Barns can be hot and you don’t want your maids sweating up a storm underneath all of those layers of fabric.

Dresses that fit away from the body give a bridesmaid more breathing room on hot summer weddings at the barn. The material should also be lightweight for a barn wedding not just because of the heat, but also due to the location.

Stiff materials and overly structured dresses don’t look right in such a casual and rustic setting. Even if you are going for a more elegant barn wedding, it is best to stay away from dresses composed of materials that don’t move well.

Lightweight materials not only allow the bridesmaid to move comfortably but they also suggest that country, romantic feel.

The Short and Long Story

Wedding bridesmaid dresses

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When you have to select bridesmaid dresses, not only must you consider the color, material and style, but you must also figure out if you want long or short dresses. Short dresses tend to go well with a barn wedding, as they are cool and casual just like the location. A short dress allows your bridesmaids to move about the barn with ease and comfort.

At the same time, that doesn’t mean you can’t go with a long bridesmaid dress. Long dresses work well with more elegant and fancy barn weddings. They lend that touch of formality, even if the location is a bit more rustic.

Long wedding dresses are a good idea for those barn weddings in the winter. They provide your maids with more coverage.

It’s all about the Accessories

Barn Wedding Accessories

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Bridesmaid dresses for any type of wedding often look similar from one wedding to the next.

Strapless gowns or V-necks flood bridesmaid boutiques. Even if your options might not necessarily go with a barn wedding, you can still extend your theme to the accessories that the bridesmaids wear.

If you are going more rustic, you can accessorize your bridesmaids with cowboy boots. Boots work well with short dresses for country barn weddings.

However if you are going for more of a vintage inspired barn wedding, you can have your maids wear classic heels in different colors. This plays into the whimsy of a barn wedding.

When you are adding jewelry to those bridesmaid dresses, you can also think about the barn wedding venue. Vintage necklaces and pendants promote that old, Victorian feel, reminiscent of life on the farm and at the barn in the early 1900s.

Accessories like necklaces can also clash with a barn wedding theme. For example, you wouldn’t want your bridesmaids wearing a string of pearls for a barn wedding. Keep the barn in mind, especially historic barns, when it comes time to accessorize your bridesmaids.

The Last Word…

Dresses for your bridesmaids

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No matter the wedding venue, the important thing to consider is your bridesmaid. They are usually the ones paying a considerable sum to be in your wedding. You don’t want to stick them in a dress that they hate.

While it is the bride’s day, bridesmaids who are happy in their dresses can make the day go much smoother.

If you want to mirror your wedding location theme like the barn wedding for your bridesmaid dresses, you can implore these guidelines when you go shopping for dresses with your maids.

Have you had a barn wedding? What did your bridesmaids wear?

Share your ideas with us below!